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The Priest Holds Mass: The Olympia Winning Formula For Kai Greene

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are proud to announce that IFBB and NABBA pro bodybuilder Lee Priest has joined our staff and will be contributing a regular column to our print magazine and website. His column is presented by Priest Athletics


If you were prepping Kai Greene for the 2015 Mr. Olympia, what would you do with him so that he can finally beat Phil Heath?


I would get him ripped with that dry, hard grainy look Dorian had and most guys in the 1990s had. He has the size; he just needs harder conditioning and I also think someone who can keep him positive to see how great he can be. I am sure he is a positive guy with a big belief in himself, but you sometimes need that person who also sees it and wants him to win for him. Not for him to win to get recognition as his coach, etc. He just needs that positive good mate who can help him win that Mr. O title that I believe he can win.


Big Ramy is an enigma and has the size but it seems that Dennis James and he cannot get the conditioning down. What would you do for a guy like him to harness his full potential? Priest Athletics Ad

Being big isn’t everything; I’ve seen it before with Bertil Fox, Markus Ruhl and Nasser El Sonbaty.  Playing the size guy, you will lose without condition. Me, I would get him in condition and  throw scale out the fucking window.


The gurus out there have an extensive list of top clients but their expertise just seems to be with anabolics. Why wouldn’t a bodybuilder look to pick the brains of guys such as yourself, Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray or Flex Wheeler for full contest prep?

This I don’t know and still bogles me to this day. They go to people who don’t know shit or the Internet. It’s a joke and sadly is hurting the sport with these so-called gurus who know nothing. 

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