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Winter 2015 Issue Now On Sale – Lee Priest, Gregg Valentino, Larry Scott

The time for fun and games is over. Our new issue is certainly a statement maker and you can see that immediately with Lee Priest gracing the cover of our Winter 2015 edition. The IFBB and NAABA pro bodybuilder has joined forces with MSM and is going to be spearheading our new movement with a monthly column in print and online and in addition to “The Priest Holds Mass,” this issue also includes “Tellin’ It Like It Is,” the cover feature which is the result of a sit down one-on-one exclusive interview with Priest.

The handcuffs are finally off Gregg Valentino from his 14-year run at Brand X and as the new managing editor of MSM, he has full authority to write whatever he wants in his monthly column (print and online), which is presented by Tribestan Worldwide. The opening paragraph in his “Talkin’ Smack” column in this issue is an immediate indicator that Professor X is no longer in charge. COVER333c_NEW

Also in this issue, a previously unpublished article by the late Larry Scott gives you – the reader – an insight into “The Nine Pivot Points To a Beautiful Physique,” Eric The Trainer’s “Hollywood Fitness Update,” Bob Bonham’s “Strong and Shapely Gym,” MuscleSport, The Gregg and Joe Show, Tomorrow’s Celebrities, NPC bikini competitor Khay Rosemond centerfold and Kirk Radomski’s “Sports Enhancement.”

Be sure to order your issue today – $5.99 with FREE shipping.

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