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Basic – But Solid – Workout Tips For Everyone

Mind/Muscle Connection

This has been the most important aspect of my regimen of late. It sounds unlikely as something that would work, but it actually makes a big difference. First off, it forces you to use a moderate weight and perform the reps slow, which is the proper way to do them, anyway, but people get away from it and get into a habit of going too heavy, using sloppy form and not performing enough reps.

Perform each and every rep in a slow manner and concentrate on squeezing the muscle. Watch it either with your eyes or through a mirror and see it work. Hold it at the contraction point for a second and don’t lock out on either end. This keeps the tension on the muscle and keeps the pressure off the joints.

Every set should be at least 12 reps and up to 15 or more if possible.


This is a giant set of 7 that is performed once for each body part and is certainly one of the many unique fitness concepts that work. Start by doing it at the end but you can mix it in at any time during the routine.

Using the last set as an example, do your usual three exercises for the body part you are working and then on the last movement, use a weight that you can handle with no problem. (Usually the weight you’re starting with before adding to it on the later sets.) Do a set of 12 reps and rest for 30 seconds. Then do your second set. Rest for 30 more seconds and do set number three. Keep doing this (with the same weight) for seven sets.

By the time you’re at set number four, you will be exhausted but those last sets are the ones that will make you grow. Try to do at least 12 reps for each set. If you can’t then use a slightly lighter weight. The strategy behind this is to complete the sets of 12 reps, so the weight used is not that important.

This rack of sets will force the blood to rush in your muscles and you will feel a pump like never before.

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10- Second Hold

This is a movement that should be done on your first (or warm-up) set, and perhaps the last set if you do drop down sets. (We’ll get to that later.)

Perform 3 reps and then hold the weight out for 10 seconds. You can do it either at full contraction or at the ‘bottom’ of the rep. If you do this twice, switch it up. Then do reps 4,5,6 and hold it again for 10 seconds. Remember to not lock out so the pressure stays on the muscle you are working. Reps 7,8,9 – hold for 10 seconds. Reps 10,11,12 – hold for 10 seconds.

Drop Down Sets

Many gyms have a rule to strip down the bars and rack the plates and weights after use.  Take advantage of this and don’t bitch about it! If your last set of an exercise has extra plates on it, strip them down one at a time and do 10 more reps with the lighter weight. Keep stripping it down and do 10 reps each time.

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