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Lou Piniella on 3/2 Gregg & Joe Show

In a baseball career that spanned five decades, “Sweet” Lou Piniella made a statement as both a player and manager and was just as fiery on the field as he was in the dugout. He joins us on this week’s episode of The Gregg and Joe Show to talk about our national pastime and The Baseball Diet, a new program that he is sponsoring.

When Piniella came across The Baseball Diet he wasn’t a big fan of diets in general, but now says, “With formulated meal plans and exercises, the major contribution of The Baseball Diet is that we don’t have to count every single calorie. We can simply play the game, run the bases, and enjoy living our lives. The more simple and realistic a diet is, the more likely that you will form new habits.” That is what most previous workout and diet programs lack, a lifestyle that anyone can stick with and can be constructed around everyday life. The Baseball Diet can be adopted by anyone, in any lifestyle.



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