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Painting the Picture of a Female Bodybuilder

Now that you all know who I am, I will expand by letting you know I am not only a natural professional bodybuilder; I am also an artist by trade. I have been freelancing since I was 21 years old. From portraits, murals, cakes, furniture, sign logos, etc. My business is called Everything Art. The art picture is from my first shot with Muscle Elegance in 2000.

Since the economy crashed, I also started a Interior/Exterior Painting company. There was one job site that I just started on. I pulled up to the house and started to unload my equipment as I noticed these three men trying to hall a pot belly stove up a set of deck stairs on a hand truck with one flat tire.

As I started working I couldn’t help but to get a kick out of there hysterical efforts as they fixed the tire and continued (but still getting no where). I let them struggle for a while longer and then kindly told two of the men to step aside.

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Of course they were looking at me like I had two heads and almost didn’t comply. But as I got into the pulling position, I told one man to get in the back. And as the other two stood on the side, with elegance and grace I easily and smoothly pulled it up the stairs one step at a time. When I got to the top I said, “Let me give you my other card!” Then I got back on my ladder.DANA CAPOBIANCO .. (2)

The look on their faces was priceless (like they saw a ghost). I actually just saw one of the guys at my son’s basketball game, recently. I wasn’t sure who it was but by the way he bowed at me and obviously knew me, it dawned on me. It was one of the pot belly stove guys. And I mean POT BELLY. LOL

In talking about people looking at me like I have two heads… In 2004, on my way to a shoot up state, I stopped at a liquor store to get wine (which Is a ritual whenever I do a photo shoot) lol…It was July and very hot so I wasn’t wearing much. As I was walking to the store, I realized people were staring at me like never before, but when I came out it was more like people saw something from another planet.

Mind you, I was ripped to shreds, extra tan also. As I continued to my car, people surrounded me, but in a way with a little apprehensiveness and almost fear at the same time. But as I looked  around before I got into my car I was aware this was a situation I probably wouldn’t  experience again. I PLAYED WITH IT, I TOOK A STEP FORWARD TO THEM AND THEN TURNED AROUND, GAVE THEM A FEW POSES AND GOT IN MY CAR WAVING, AS I PULLED AWAY!

There’s many situations over the years that I can remember that were memorable in that way, but I’ll give you one more for now. I have been training people for over 16 years now, and there have been times when I know (whether guy or girl) the client is infatuated. Of course I keep my professionalism (most of the time). This time it was a female…My thought was, “Well, I showed her some revealing pictures (as I would to a 70-year-old man or woman).” But she came in the next  day all done up, boobs hanging out and acting like we were on a date. Needless to say it was awkward and I conducted my session as usual.DANA CAPOBIANCO .. (33)

The next session she had called to change the time but the conversation was not ending… so I said, “Ok, I need to get in the shower now”…THE REPLY WAS, I’LL SCRUBB YOUR BACK”!  K, what the fuck do you do with that? Wait let me rephrase, she was butt fucking ugly!!! Now, one week later, I was having a summer party at my house. All clients where invited as well as friends and family (all day event). Of course she came. I went in my basement to smoke a cigarette and but who comes in?? Literally, In the middle of our conversation she just came up on me a planted one on me; I kid you not (so bold). But further more just at that same moment MY WIFE CAME IN!

Or should I say, yes my second wife, but that’s for the next story! LOL

Hi, I am Dana Capobianco, also known as the girl Gregg Valentino calls ‘LIZZIE’ Your “personal trainer,” because I train men to respect and worship a strong woman! You tough guys can call me ‘Mistress LIZZIE.’ Hey, maybe you think you’re a bad ass in need of some “personal training” on how to worship and respect a strong woman. In that case get on your fucking knees now! Oh, trust me big guy, your big muscles ain’t shit, I will KICK YOUR ASS!

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Photos courtesy of Dana Capobianco

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