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Debi Laszewski – On Top of Her Game

By Heather Leff – Some say it’s lonely at the top. But according to Debi Laszewski, it feels pretty good. And she would know, considering how many times the veteran female bodybuilder has placed up there. It’s really no surprise, since she’s been training for the past 20 years to be right where she is today. Up on that pro stage, inching her way toward utter domination. She’s a warrior, a force to be reckoned with, and ranked third in the world. Even though she’s been steady as she goes with her placings, Debi hasn’t even come close to hitting her peak. So, ladies, better watch your backs.

Debi’s journey started in 1994, when she won her class in her first contest, the Wisconsin Natural Bodybuilding Show. Clearly that win was an indication of things to come. Debi entered her next series of shows, taking overall in both, and sending her well on her way to competing at the national level. For the next several years, she kept her eye on the prize. In 2007, she finally received her just due, earning her pro card at the NPC Nationals in Miami.debi laszewski

Despite a rough start in the pro ranks, Debi remained unshaken. In fact, it was those hardships that motivated her to become one of the best today. Just two years later in 2009, Debi took second at Ms. International. And it’s that second place finish that remains her proudest competitive moment.

“It was then that I knew I could one day be the best and win a title,” Debi says. And, boy, has she been gunning for it. She goes on to say, “I knew I could keep getting better . . . I needed to make my shape better and better each show.” Which is just what she’s focused on doing. “My goal is to one day win a title, and it’s very close where I can taste it and see it. My best will always be my next show because I work at improving every time.”

As she strives to accomplish that goal, the addition of new classes, like physique, doesn’t faze Debi. As a matter of fact, she’s happy about it.

“They give girls more choices as to how they’d like to develop their physiques,” she says. “I’ve always believed we can only control ourselves and, with that, I’ve tried to present my look as feminine and attractive as I can.” So, how does she feel about the decline in support for women’s bodybuilding? She puts it back on herself. “That’s our responsibility as women bodybuilders to do this, and I believe many girls do. I hope people keep promoting female bodybuilding and become aware that there are girls who present themselves well and care about how the sport looks.”

While winning may be at the forefront for Debi, she never loses sight of what’s truly important. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m very satisfied with what I’ve accomplished with my career. It’s interesting, though, that inspiring others actually inspires me to keep growing as a role model in this sport for others.” The daily e-mail she gets and the reputation she’s built through her personal training business is equally rewarding. She gets as much, if not more, inspiration from her fans and supporters as they do from her. Which makes her not just remarkable, but humble, too.

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With that, Debi continues to look onward, training the only way she knows how—her way. “My philosophy is simple. I ask, ‘Have you done everything right today?’ I look at every day as one day closer to the show. I’m very structured and always strive to be better.” A standard she thinks everyone, regardless of discipline, should follow. “People should live for today, not what tomorrow, or much less next week, is going to bring. This sport holds us to a 24/7 work ethic. In the gym, I think about every exercise I do, why I’m doing it, and how I’m doing it. This way, when you get on stage, you have no regrets.”

And on that stage is where Debi remains for a long time to come. With her hunger, drive, and incomparable X-frame, she’ll undoubtedly win herself that much-deserved title and take the top spot. Because the top is where Debi Laszewski is meant to be. And there’s nothing lonely about that.

For more info on Debi, visit, stop by her Facebook page or tweet her at @iffbprodebi.

Main photo by Andrzej Jaworski, AJ Jawa Photo

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