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Gregg Valentino Kills the Synthol Myth

It has been said a million times over by a contingent of the so-called ‘online faceless/nameless haters.’ Even by some who actually have the balls to state who they are and not some nonsense moniker and avatar. Regardless, there is a large number of people out there that have associated Gregg Valentino with the word ‘synthol’ as if it was his middle name.

“The Man With the Biggest Arms in the World” has addressed this head-on time and time again, but yet the shithouse rumor still has legs. Well, now that Valentino is with MuscleSport Magazine (and not ‘Brand X’), he felt compelled to look the viewers right in the eye and refute the claims once again.

So without further a-do, here is Valentino doing what he does best – stirring the bee hive – and that is merely one of his traits that we absolutely love here at MSM. Please feel free to comment and have your say about this video; we do not censor anything – positive or negative. As a matter of fact, we welcome the haters and love to address each and every one of their points.


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