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RX Muscle Presents: Dave Palumbo Q&A

By Dave Palumbo, RX Muscle – Dave, what do you know about the Karvonen formula, specifically pertaining to using one’s heart rate reserve to prescribe one’s target heart rate? Moreover, what % of HR should one use while in ketosis?

DP: Don’t overthink this. My guideline is to keep your heart rate under 130bpm while doing cardio. Most of my clients use a HR of about 100-110bpm. You should not be straining or short of breath. Remember, it’s not about how many calories you’re burning; it’s about why type of calories (fat or carbs) you’re burning! If intensity level is too high, you’ll burn more calories; however, they’ll be coming mostly from carbs (not fats).

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Dave can I supplement with fiber while on the keto diet?

DP: Fiber is essential to a diet for lowering LDL Cholesterol, ensuring colon health, and aiding in fat loss by reducing the liver’s output of new glucose. Try FIBERLYZE, the most potent dual (soluble/insoluble) fiber supplement on the market. And it tastes great too!

I’ve been using your diet and recently started to put creatine mono back in my supplement regime… now my urine has a strong smell – kind of like cell-tech… Am I not absorbing the creatine? What should I do?

DP: You should be using a plain creatine monohydrate, not something with a million grams of sugar. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and see if that helps!

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  1. Kunal Gupta

    May 14, 2015 at 9:27 am

    Hi Dave,

    Respect your Knowledge and experience in nutrition and bodybuilding.
    I as a kid knew few guys that has huge muscularity that redefined humanity you being one of them, Marcus Ruhl,Nasser el sonbaty being others.

    Question is can u make decent gains on test E only?? Is this possible?? are these gains retain able may be 50% of it.

    Thanks Dave

    Appreciate your reply.


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