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“Livin’ the Jacked Life” Video Series

MuscleSport Magazine Managing Editor Gregg Valentino brings you a brand new video series entitled “Livin’ the Jacked Life,” in which he will present to the viewers tips and suggestions for your training and nutrition, as well as lifestyle topics.

With his 43 years of experience in the gym and past as a competitor and contest promoter (as well as 14 years as a journalist in the industry), there are not too many people who can go blow-for-blow with Valentino when it comes to bodybuilding.

In this first installment, Valentino speaks to the teenagers and college-aged people who are either beginners or intermediates when it comes to weight training. Very sound advice from a guy who walked that same walk back in 1972 when he first set foot in a gym.

We would like to thank our very own columnist Dana Capobianco for the use of her facility, Dana’s Efficiency Gym, in Westchester, New York.

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