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MSM EXCLUSIVE: Unpublished First-Ever Mr. Olympia Larry Scott Articles (Part 1 of 4)

THIS IS A MUSCLE SPORT MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE! Larry “The Legend” Scott has been revered for decades by fans of the Iron Game and was the first-ever winner of the Mr. Olympia contest, taking the first two in 1965 and 1966. He unfortunately passed away at the age of 75 on March 8, 2014 but his legacy lives on. We will be posting a series of four articles written by Scott that have NEVER been published before. We are honored to have been chosen and special thanks goes out to Leandro Cornejo. 

The Nine Pivot Points to a Beautiful Physique

By Larry Scott, First-Ever Mr. Olympia (Two-Time Winner) – I just got back from being M.C. for a physique show in the Bay area of California. Before the show Tim Christensen, the promoter, invited me over to a local gym for a workout. As I was waiting for my turn between sets, I looked at some of the guys walking around the gym. I couldn’t help but notice the same thing I’ve seen in so many other gyms across the country. There were all kinds of bodies; everyone from the thin beginner to the huge 250 pounder. But none of the big guys seemed to understand this one simple thing:

Your Goal Shouldn’t Just Be

To Get Big… 

You Should Be Striving To Get Beautiful!


It isn’t something you can put off either. It has to be a part of the whole process. If you wait until you first get “big enough” the day never comes.

Just like the guys I saw walking around in that Oakland gym. They were big alright, but with all that size, no one had the kind of physique that stops you in your tracks or makes you take a second and a third look. You don’t have to be ripped and you don’t have to be huge to have this kind of “stun power,” but you have to work on the areas that transform your physique from “one of the big guys” to the, “man, did you see that guy?” category. And you know something? It’s really not that much harder than what you’re doing right now. You’ve just got to focus on what a great champion of mine long ago called the “Nine Pivot Points.”

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In 1958 when I first came out to California, I ran across an incredible guy by the name of Lou Degni. His physique was simply sensational. I didn’t know what it was, but his body simply took your breath away. There were bigger guys training in the same gym but no one had the impact Lou did when he walked in the gym. It almost got quiet and when he started training, everybody gathered around and just watched.

He knew things guys don’t know even today. Like the Nine Pivot Points, which makes your body stand out whether you’re on stage or just walking across the gym floor?

What are these points?


Photo courtesy of Larry

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