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Jimmy “The Iron Bull” Pellechia on 4/13 Gregg & Joe Show

There are not too many people in the bodybuilding and fitness industry like Jimmy “The Iron Bull” Pellechia. He brings a likable and entertaining personality wherever he goes, something very rare, indeed, around those parts. He is a professional strongman by trade, but has always been endeared by the bodybuilding community for his humorous and strong opinion.

Pellechia has been featured in Muscular Development magazine and has been frequently joining Dave Palumbo on the various radio and video shows on RX Muscle.

Co-host Gregg Valentino and Pellechia have been longtime friends and the shit always certainly hits the fan when they get together. So be sure to tune in to the April 13 episode of The Gregg and Joe Show Presented By MuscleSport Magazine.



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