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Bostin Loyd on Gregg & Joe Show Re: Marc Lobliner “Feud”

One is 22 years old; the other 34. Both men are immensely popular within the bodybuilding community and have been able to utilize social media to their advantage, but in this case it appears that it is being used to do some good old fashioned mud slinging. The younger Bostin Loyd started laying into Marc Lobliner about the elder’s Instagram post:

Marc Lobliner Instagram

Loyd posted Lobliner’s Instagram photos & caption on his own Facebook page with the below comment, written exactly like the following:

Does anyone see the supposed 20 lbs Marc Lobliner has put on in the last 2 years? LOL… must be dat dere dnp:)

DNP (Dinitrophenol) is an oral synthetic compound used for rapid fat burning by bodybuilders.

Loyd’s fiance (and NPC Women’s Physique Division competitor) Ariella Palumbo was also involved in the Facebook comments, which referred to some earlier YouTube videos and the subsequent fallout from them.

Confused? Yeah, so are we. So that’s why we invited Loyd on The Gregg and Joe Show Presented By MuscleSport Magazine to explain this whole thing and get to the bottom of this “bodybuilding feud” on this extra special episode.



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