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Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment 2015 – 45 Expert Opinions

I had the honor of being part of a survey conducted with 44 other industry people regarding home gym exercise equipment. James Ruhle, editor of, posted the following on his website:

A few weeks ago I set out to find out what the best home gym equipment of 2015 is. I contacted over 40 fitness experts and asked them what pieces of equipment they would choose for their home gym if they could only have 3.

There was a huge variation of responses and we learned a ton. We went ahead and compiled the data into an infographic which you can find below.

We seperated the responses into female and male responses, as well as total responses and the cheapest pieces of equipment for those that are trying to save money.​

A few notes: We counted barbells + bumper plates as one piece of equipment. We also combined a few of the responses such as TRX and rings into one number.

Finally, I want to thank all of the contributors for taking time out of their days to respond to our question. Thanks guys!

Here is the graphic and link to the original article:

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

best home gym equipment 2015 - 40 Experts give their opinions

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