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MusclePapa Presents: NPC Bikini Competitor Maria Hansen

Please share a bit of your background and how you see it relating to your current success in fitness and modeling.

I am originally from the Philippines. Currently I’m 33 years old and a mom to an amazing 8 year old boy. Growing up I considered myself very active and competitive and that’s why I love doing what I do. Most importantly I like to challenge myself and work hard at the gym!! I like to do photoshoots especially before a competition because I get to showcase what I worked hard for at the gym. While growing up I really wanted to be a fitness model so I’ve always liked the sporty sexy look!


Share with us a bit about your contest history and most memorable show experience. And is there something that motivates and or inspires you to workout, diet and compete in fitness that non-competitors might connect with?

I guess my first show because thats when I really realized my love and passion for this sport. My number one fans… are my family including my mom, son and sisters who are always there behind me to support, encourage and acknowledge me. They inspire me to be the best version of myself.


What do you think is the most misunderstood aspect of your lifestyle?

People just don’t understand that you have to be dedicated and ready to put in a great amount of hard work and effort to achieve your goals. If you really want something you can find ways to get it done.

Do you use a coach or nutritionist and how has they impacted your journey?

I am part of Team Banks and I owe everything to my coach Lee Banks who always pushes and inspires me to be the best.

Do you have a couple mentors that help you keep track on your goals that you’d like to credit people close to you or that you look to for inspiration from afar?


I would like to thank my good friend Ponce for also advising me with my fitness goals and to all of my friends who are always there supporting me.

Share anything additional that you’d like people to know about you.

I will always strive to be the best that I can be and as long as I enjoy it I am happy the way I look and feel knowing that I put in a lot of effort and hardwork… That in itself is a huge accomplishment!

Top six favorite workout songs?

1 Eye of the tiger all Rocky training songs..hehe
     2 Pretty Girl rock
     3 Ellie Goulding – lights
     4 Hall of Fame
     5 Beyonce song
     6 Mary J Blige songs


Favorite non-athletic activity?

When I am not training for shows or photoshoots I like to spend my time cooking/baking for my son and hanging out with friends with alot of karaoke! karaoke! karaoke!!

stage weight 97 Lbs
normal weight 110
Measurements 36/24/34

Preferred contact info:
fb page: Maria Hansen

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