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Social Media and Bodybuilding By Bostin Loyd

We are proud to announce that both Bostin Loyd and his fiance Ariella Palumbo have joined MuscleSport Magazine as monthly columnists. Be sure to look for their work in the print magazine and on the website, as well as all of our social media pages.

This topic disgusts me a bit because growing up with parents that were bodybuilders, I saw the true passion and drive that the 1990s offered before social media. I remember going to my mother’s shows where there were only men’s and women’s bodybuilding, with the figure division starting to arise. No men’s physique or bikini bullshit.

Those were the days. Everyone competed to win and trained their asses off. 95 percent of the competitors were extremely impressive, and nowadays you’re lucky to get five percent that’s impressive.

Unfortunately, I attribute this to social media and the constant need for people to want to fit in. Most people that compete these days don’t do it for themselves, but they do it for others approval. Most of these cases come from insecurity issues. This is why bodybuilding as a hobby or a sport is dying is because it’s just not taken seriously anymore. Men’s physique is taking over because its more socially acceptable and people who don’t want to go that extra mile with training, drugs and food resort to it for attention, not all but most.


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Everyone now is trying to be a coach with little to no knowledge and the whole industry is becoming a joke, and unless the promoters become less money hungry and divide the divisions, bodybuilding at the competitive level in the amateurs will die out.

I remember going to my mother’s shows and the judges let the competitors battle it out and pose their asses off and now their lucky to get 30 seconds of stage time; its become rushed for the other divisions.

Unfortunately, it’s all about money to these guys and they are letting bodybuilding fizz out. Social media has created a hope for everyone to think they can compete and half-ass it with IIFYM diets, which is not the case. So when you get a bunch of half-ass dieters, the true hard workers and people who were passionate about bodybuilding stop caring and never step foot onstage.

Social media has helped a ton of people so don’t get me wrong, but the constant attention whoring and people trying to be something they are not is single handedly ruining it for true competitors. I do hope one day it comes back to the good ol’ days. Highly unlikely, but I have hope!!

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