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Why Female Bodybuilders Wear Lace Front Wigs

Women wear weaves and wigs for many reasons. Some just want a change of style, others wear it because they don’t have hair for whatever reason and some just like feeling like they can be a different person whenever they choose. When it comes to why female bodybuilders wear wigs the answer is a bit more complex.

Why Female Body Builders Wear Wigs

One of the major reasons why female body builders wear lace front wigs is because their hair (the hair that grows out of their scalps) is actually falling out of their head due to malnutrition. If you do a quick google search you will notice that many bodybuilding women have very thin borderline unhealthy hair. This is because they cut out a lot of nutrition to be able to gain the perfect physique for competition.

The Bad Thing that Makes Your Hair Fall Out

What many women body builders won’t tell you is the one dark reason why they wear wigs. Some women body builders actually wear wigs due to abusing anabolic steroids. We all know that many body builders still practice the dark art and let’s be honest—as women it is extremely difficult and physically demanding to get the gains necessary to become the next bodybuilding woman of the year. Steroids and starvation diets are a quick way to lose your hair.

If you actually combine the use of steroids with the fact that many bodybuilding women starve themselves it all becomes clear. The price of the perfect body in their world is often times their health—and their hair. But hey, if you’re going to wear a wig you might as well look cute right?

So Basically…

Lace fronts are a crowd favorite because they aren’t itchy and look just like real hair. You can take them off in the gym or even switch them up for whatever style you are rocking in your current competition.

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