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Fat People & Their Feeble Excuses

Yes, before and after, two wives and three children…bodybuilding is very much a part of my life. I would even say it is very much a part of who I am! After all, it is the way I lived for well over half my life now. I know no other way. Even when I am preparing for an event (as hard as it is), it is second nature. At this point to live any other way would be harder!

For many years now, people often look at me like I’m a freak. But I’ve learned to take it as a compliment. They basically just can’t comprehend how someone can look like that. Their first thought probably is steroids. But they have NO IDEA that someone could take all the steroids in the world and if they don’t do the “Consistency and Efficiency” of training and eating to achieve their goals (every day, week, month and year), IT WON’T HAPPEN! And that is the only way a person can…LOOK LIKE THAT!

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The most ironic thing about this is people can look at someone with an enormous amount of muscle and say it’s disgusting. But it is more acceptable to witnessing an enormously obese person walking down the street. What does that say about the society’s train of thought?
Hey, It’s 2015! But never the less (just last month), I run into this female bartender who had to be 5’8” and every bit of 350 pounds. No, that’s not uncommon these days, but it was her thoughts and/or lack of knowledge about how to lose weight…Come on now!! She actually said she doesn’t understand how come she can’t lose weight? She doesn’t eat all day and eats either 3-5 slices of pizza or fries or a bowl of pasta with a cheeseburger at dinner. And she feels entitled because she didn’t eat all day.

ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDING ME? Oh, and she made the comment that pizza is healthy. How come fat people always throw in the healthy thing? OMG I can go on forever about this.

But I’m sure most people have a high enough IQ to understand. As years/decades go on, it is inevitable that your metabolism will become slower. And without correct eating habits and exercise, it is a triple whammy.

When you wake up in the morning, your metabolism is the slowest that it is all day long. And if you don’t eat all day long, it stays slower until you do (unless you exercise). Therefore, if you even eat a bagel, your body will react like you had two huge ice cream sundaes. Anyone would be destiant for disaster if this is their habits.

In a perfect world, A good cycle CYCLE is eat when you wake up (good choices, of course). Most in the morning (of what it amounts to) and less each meal as the day goes on. This will have the reaction of a diet on a meal-to-meal basis. Trying this plan regularly is the exact opposite of disaster, or should I say, the bartender.DANA CAPOBIANCO .. (33)

As we are on a much more educational note, people that are serious need to know that lack of knowledge is the number one reason they aren’t successful. Even with the correct information, there is so much room for error and you can only make minimal results each and every day. Therefore, it is crucial to maximize your minimal results. Learn as many tool as you can.

As far as training, here are the top three: 1. Use the correct form for each exercise. 2. Move that weight as fast as you can (with proper form, of course), which will determine how many repletion’s you will get. 3. And THAT determines what weight you should use.
Consistency and efficiency are the keys! That is my signature phrase for almost 20 years. And here now at Dana’s Efficiency Training Gym in Cortlandt, NY.

Keep tuned for my info. About the good circle CYCLE and I don’t mean STEROIDS! As well as (of course) more great stories from my past, present and for the future!
Lizzie lol : ) xoxo

Hi, I am Dana Capobianco, also known as the girl Gregg Valentino calls ‘LIZZIE’ Your “personal trainer,” because I train men to respect and worship a strong woman! You tough guys can call me ‘Mistress LIZZIE.’ Hey, maybe you think you’re a bad ass in need of some “personal training” on how to worship and respect a strong woman. In that case get on your fucking knees now! Oh, trust me big guy, your big muscles ain’t shit, I will KICK YOUR ASS!

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