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Marihuana & Bodybuilding Do NOT Mix

“Dude, you should smoke weed and train. You get a killer workout.” I’ve been told that more than once but I have to stop and think where it is coming from or WHO it’s coming from. I’ve done all the drugs – steroids, weed, cocaine, nubain, heroin…you name it and I rationalized they all had bodybuilding applications, so I have some experience with this. And I see NO real advantage for smoking marihuana other than you LIKE it and LIKE being high. No athletic increase at all.
Here are a few arguments:
It helps me eat more – Well, yeah. But it isn’t chicken and rice you are eating; it’s Doritos and cupcakes and other shit that doesn’t build muscle. And even if it was good food, you would over eat and get fatter. Who goes to the gym to get fatter?
It helps me sleep deeper –  First off, how the fuck do you know….your asleep! And there isn’t a study that says you get “better” sleep. Even if there WAS one, there would be another study contradicting it saying you DON’T sleep deeper.
It helps me concentrate in the gym better – Well, first off,  it’s weight training, not brain surgery. It doesn’t take a lot of concentration for more than maybe 60 seconds to do a set. Put on your iPod and that should be enough. If it’s not, then maybe you need to find something else to do. I have ADD and I can even concentrate enough to train without weed!
Here is the real deal – PEOPLE LIKE TO GET HIGH!!! PERIOD!  And they will rationalize and read into ANYTHING to make it OK to do. It helps training, studying, sleeping, driving, eating, singing…EVERYTHING. But does it really, or are you just so fuckin’ high you THINK it does? That’s the question.
There are medical reasons for its use; I get that and am all for it. If your doctor prescribes marijuana before the gym because of physical pain and it helps, then by all means do it. But that guy with the skinny arms and  big belly in the cut off tank top that says “suns out; guns out” telling me his secret to good workouts is getting high first… it possible this guy  would even know a good training session if it donkey kicked him in the balls and then kissed him after? He isn’t growing or getting lean, but he does FEEL good and that’s what it boils down to. Wanting to feel good and 90% of bodybuilding is NOT feeling good. So I understand where they want to get some relief, but own up to it. Don’t lie to yourself.
In my opinion, getting high is fine if that is what you like to do.  It’s your life, your body and, fuck it, as long as it’s not hurting anyone it doesn’t matter. But it’s not making you a better bodybuilder. Just own the fact you like the way it feels and stop trying to make it a tool to use for gainz in the gym and in life.
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