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Welcome Marc Lobliner To MuscleSport Magazine

Use that old saying ‘the rich get richer’ if you like. But we’ll just revel in the fact that Marc Lobliner is now a part of MuscleSport Magazine. There aren’t too many people in the industry that talk the talk and walk the walk like Lobliner does and his multiple titles in a number of supplement companies shine like trophies on a mantel.

CMO of Tiger Fitness, CEO of MTS Nutrition, CEO of EthiTech Nutrition and the owner of Machine Muscle – as well as being a competitive bodybuilder – are pretty impressive in their own rite. But Lobliner has a resume that also includes launching Scivation and being a co-founder (and CMO) with Sylvester Stallone for the legendary actor’s sports nutrition company INSTONE.

Lobliner is also an ACE certified personal trainer, has worked for Weider Publications/AMI as Senior Account Director for all of their titles and has had numerous articles published in print and online. Add MSM to that list with his contribution to our Spring 2015 issue, “Pay Your Dues.”

Oh, one more thing…Lobliner just happens to be one of the most watched/followed people in the industry with his YouTube channel (232,065 subscribers and 47,819,449 views and counting) and Instagram (93,300 followers) page.

“This industry, like any niche industry, is full of BS,” says Loblinber. “I am excited to team up with my good friends Joe and Gregg to help provide different, no-holds-barred viewpoints from within the depths of the industry to help the readers reach their goals and also to help quench their thirst for information on the bodybuilding and physique-enhancement world. It is an honor to be a part of this exciting movement.

“When Gregg asked me to be a part of MuscleSport Magazine, I did not hesitate to accept,” he continued. “Not only is Gregg one of the most genuine yet misunderstood people on the face of God’s green earth, he is also the only person who can talk faster and louder than I can!”

Be sure to read Lobliner’s column with MSM every month (print and online).

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