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Gregg Valentino & Lee Priest on International Iron Radio

MuscleSport Magazine’s Gregg Valentino and Lee Priest joined forces together on Iron Mag‘s International Iron Radio (episode 10), which Lee is a co-host with Geoff Roberts. On the docket was the following:

– Gregg’s book / Lee’s book?
Bob Chick says Lee was often out of shape.
– What would a Lee Priest comeback be like?
– Could Arnold get Lee back into the Arnold Classic?
– Teenaged girls with tits n’ ass being called “IFBB pros.”
– Dating “normal” girls as apposed to “industry” girls.
– Gregg and Lee training super high volume.
Steroid talk ….. needless to say.
– “The Man Whose Arms Exploded” nonsense
– Which guys in the industry are pricks to fans?
– Eating by instinct.
– Gregg and Lee’s outlandish eating habits (“cake shakes,” etc.)
– Bodybuilding Gurus.
– Bob Gruskin and more!


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