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Training and Diet for the High School Athlete

Being a Student is No Excuse to be Lazy!

By Alex Truman

This article based on informing high school athletes, parents, coaches, and teachers on what could make high school athletes even better at what they do. High schools bring up many hardships for the inspiring athletes within their walls. An athlete needs to worry about his training and diet, but being a high school student gives athletes more to deal with. Classes, homework, and projects all become obstacles that a student has to overcome. Athletes need to overcome the stress and hassle of being a student, and they need to excel at sports at the same time. The pressure put on high school athletes is incredible, but that is what makes athletes who they are.

Having a good diet and training regimen will separate the athletes from those who just take up space on the team. Athletes need to train and eat like machines. Having 6-8 meals a day, weight training 4-6 times a week, and doing cardio 3-7 days a week will not only make the athlete bigger, stronger, and faster, but it will help to keep their immune systems healthy.

Let’s start out with how a high school athlete should get their training done. This is aimed towards the athletes that need to train more than their team trains. Some athletes need to train their skills, some to get stronger, some to get bigger, and some just to get in better shape. No matter what their goals, these athletes are going above and beyond their coach’s standards, and all their hard work will pay off.

Students who want to get better at skills or get in shape:

Talking to coaches, teammates, or peers about setting up drills would be a great start. If an athlete is in a team sport, then the athlete could talk to a coach or teammates about having extra practices for those who want to improve on their skills.

Students who want to get stronger:

Start a program and follow it. Research programs like 5×5, Sheiko, Westside, etc. Find a program that works for you, and make sure not to overdo it.

Students who want to get bigger:

Keep track of your diet. Make sure you are eating clean, or you will see more fat gain then expected. Add 500 calories a day to what you are currently eating. If after a week you do not see any weight gain, increase your intake another 500 calories. Keep adding more calories until you see a difference.

Now diet is another big key in any athlete’s quest to become great. As a high school student it is hard to find the time to schedule 6-8 meals a day. Many high school athletes only eat 3 times a day, but that just won’t cut it. For a human body to get the nutrients it needs, meals have to be spread throughout the day. If a student tells a teacher why he or she needs to eat during the class, then the teacher should have no problem allowing the student to have a quick snack. A shake, protein bar, fruit, and other simple things will go over much easier then a full-on meal. Keep in mind you are in class, and you need to eat quickly and not disturb anyone.


This is how to get 8 meals a day:
Meal 1- 6:00am
Meal 2- 8:00am
Meal 3- 10:00am
Meal 4- 12:00am
Meal 5- 2:00pm
Meal 6- 4:00pm
Meal 7- 6:00pm
Meal 8- 8:00pm
(Note: Keep meals 7 and 8 pretty light on the carbohydrates and simple sugars, or your body will start to store more fat as you sleep.)<br.

Follow all of the above instructions this school year, and become the athlete you always wanted to be. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Remember, you are responsible for becoming who you want to be, and nobody else can be blamed for you not giving it 100% effort 100% of the time.

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Alex Truman, in addition to being a MuscleSport Mag staff writer, is a 17-year old high school athlete, powerlifting champion and aspiring bodybuilder. At an offseason bodyweight of 200 pounds, Alex is able to deadlift 550 pounds, squat 500, bench 365, clean and jerk 255 and snatch 185.


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