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Ask a Girl Who Uses Anabolic Steroids Anything…

I’ve been lifting for several years now, and I’ve seen a lot of the ins and outs when it comes to female bodybuilding. Most females in the bodybuilding biz won’t dare admit or talk about the use of anabolics. While I don’t think that every female lifter is using, a hell of a lot are that say they aren’t.

I will never out anyone, because that is not my place, nor do I like to make enemies. But I think it’s fair to other female lifters out there to have realistic expectations in their fitness journeys, whatever their goals may be. I also think it’s a great way for men to realize that even though a lot of female bodybuilders do take steroids, they don’t all have deep voices, squared jaws and penises.11269580_851448791558990_330819928_n

Here are few good questions and answers I had on an AMA on Reddit:
Q: What is your current cycle and highest cycle?
Currently I’m doing a cut and  using 200mg Tren and 200mg test-Prop a week. I might throw in some anavar later on. and iIm doing 4IU growth hormone. I did a 3-week cycle with Insulin and put on a ton of mass.
I’m natty so I don’t know what that all means but that seems like a lot for a woman. Am I wrong in assuming that?
A: Truthfully, in competing or girls who make money off it, it really isn’t. I met a girl who was doing a 500mg tren cycle and almost a gram of test! Some of the guys who compete do up to 2 grams of deca. I’m talking about the “monster” looking ones of course.
You mentioned that you’ve gone from overweight, to underweight, to the physique you have now. Any chance you can share photos or elaborate a bit from that journey?tabby old

A: No problem! I was going to post on there but I was told you can’t unless you have participated a certain amount of times? Anyway, I had PCOS before, so I was about 250-260 pounds at times. It hit me when I was really young, like 12. Which you can imagine getting up to this weight in high school kind of, WELL sucks for obvious reasons. I never really suffered bad, bad bullying though, so I can’t complain like some people can. It just didn’t make sense at first because while my eating wasn’t great I shouldn’t have been putting the weight on I evidently was!

Thankfully, my mother noticed this, too, and brought me to the doctor. Again, though, I received very little help, as I was passed onto a specialist who had the excellent idea of uping my carb intake, which if you know anything about PCOS, is like the worst thing you can do. I ended up meeting a guy who was an obsessive martial artist and bodybuilder and really into the industry who managed to help me out with introductions to other girls and obviously his own advice.
[–]mangotease 28 points 3 days ago 

Do smaller bikini competitors tend to use enhancement, as well? Genuinely clueless here.

Truthfully, the ones I know who win tend to, yeah. Even if it’s just Anavar/clen/winstrol. Or DNP. DNP is madly underrated and used LOL. But it is fantastic for burning fat. A lot will say “You can die on it!!!” But that’s only if you are an idiot. Unfortunately when we are talking about a drug where losing a one pound of fat a day is possible, people do abuse it and die. But it’s not that common for how much it’s used or we’d hear about it much more.
[–]TheCloudyOne 23 points 4 days ago 

Interesting to see you are running Tren. Have you noticed any additional effects (positive or negative) since adding that compound? Assuming you ran Test only before adding the Tren. Great to see you are so open and honest about this; good luck.

Tren is fantastic for building muscle and also making you ripped, as it doesn’t give the water bloat. Negative effects maybe quicker hair growth? Tren is incredible for recomping your body.
[–]No_stupid_questions_ 21 points 3 days ago 

How much can you bench?

At the moment, I’m just doing close grip bench press, as I don’t want to build too much muscle around the chest. (I do high rep dumbbell bench and incline bench still to keep it even and I’ve actually found it’s helped my breasts in the sense of keeping them high/in etc.) But I hit out a 100kg close grip bench press for 3 reps. I’m actually doing heavy singles next week on my main exercises before cutting.
[–]klevenisms204 213 points 4 days ago 

How much bigger has your clit got? And what is your favorite cheat meal?

Clit isn’t huge. It doesn’t dangle down like some girls. It’s probably a BIT bigger than average and I had a high sex drive before, but it can get out of “control” depending on what I use. Favorite cheat meal hmm… maybe Ribs?
[–]timacles 69 points 4 days ago 

Do you find its harder/easier to get laid now? What kind of guys usually go for you?
Compared to when I was over weight? Yes! Though even then I could get laid compared to when I went through the skinny phase. I could pretty much get laid whenever I wanted, but now I have a good selection, basically. You might find guys who maybe don’t want to date but have the fetish, other bodybuilders for example, skinny guys, and then just decent looking guys who want to see the difference or what it’s like.
[–]PHDonReddit1-2 years 47 points 3 days ago 

What do your friends (girls) that knew you before getting on gear think of you now?

Still friends with me and like it. The ones who were True friends and knew me when I was overweight are obviously really into it. The only person I fell out with was one who is a born again Christian. Doesn’t support the adult part of it, etc. But she did gang bang photos while in Oxford with numerous men (LOL), so I can’t take her opinion serious for that reason.

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