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A Six-Pack By Summer

Although it seems as if winter would never leave us, warmer weather is finally either here or on the horizon. So now it’s time for a cure of that ‘dunlap’ disease…you know, when your belly done lap over your belt.


But in all seriousness, folks, it’s time to get your shit together and flatten that flab. And the only way to even think about getting there is to clean up that diet.

First things first – give a good luck at the amout and type of carbs you eat. Simply drop all of the ‘bad’ carbs like bread and especially the white variety of everything – bread, rice, etc. Whole grain is a much better option if you can’t help yourself.


Once you get that figured out, forget about eating any carbs – good or bad – after your mid-day meal. Forego the potato with your steak dinner for now.


Now let’s get to the workout portion of the program. You’ve gone down in carbs, so it’s time to up the cardio. At least four times a week, you should be getting 15-to-20 minutes in on something, albeit a treadmill, jogging or even playing racquetball.


And lastly, now that you are shedding fat from your midsection by way of a sensible diet and cardio, you can isolate and spot reduce by doing some additional ab work. Hanging leg raises are a great exercise that hits the entre abdominal wall and also works on your grip strength. Some cable crunches with moderate weight are good, too.


Summer is right around the corner, fat boy. Get a move on now.


Photo by Simon Lau

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