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Victor Says Yes, MD Says Otherwise

We are being kind with this article title because if anything, Muscular Development is basically shoveling dirt on Victor Martinez‘s grave and the IFBB pro is publicly stating that he is in fact still with his longtime magazine sponsor.

So which one is it? Or is it quite simply another case of MD’s ‘the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing’ way of conducting business?

Here’s a quick recap. Martinez has been an exclusively-signed MD athlete since 2001, and this includes the periods of time when he was unable to compete due to injuries, legal issues and personal tragedy. Credit should ┬ábe given for the company showing loyalty to The Dominican Dominator during those trying times.

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But more recently, the company has been going through their #WhyCutBack era and doing just that left and right. So with Martinez being 41 years of age, the questions began being asked by the fans if he was in fact going to be retained.

This was fueled even more when MD’s arch rival, RX Muscle, posted what they had water marked ‘Exclusive Photos’ of Martinez five days out from the Arnold Classic Brazil, a show that he ended up placing a strong fourth in against a formidable line-up. This was preceded by his runner-up finish to Juan Morel at the New York Pro.

Over on the MD forum, the members were going back and forth about this and asking for someone with the company to shed a little light on the situation. The best that they got was Shawn Ray posting that athlete contracts are not lifetime contracts and Ron Harris saying that MD could have deleted the thread in response to “you know it must be true if MD is ignoring the thread.”victor09O

Then what seemed to be more than merely reading between the lines, MD senior writer Harris posted:

“I absolutely wish Vic the very best, I enjoyed working with him all these years. Down to earth, humble, funny, just an all around cool guy.”

We published an article here on MSM just a few days ago (“Is Victor Martinez Still With Muscular Development?”) addressing all of this and posted it on our Instagram page. Martinez (from his personal Instagram account), left a comment on it as follows:

“This should never be a question asked. I will always be with @musculardevelopment #always #loyal #support #neverquit #family #history”

Considering that MD has a history of doing away with their employees with Steve Blechman sending a text message (as he did with Gregg Valentino) or a registered letter (as he did with Jose Raymond) and stop taking their calls, is it even remotely possible that Martinez either missed the message/letter or hasn’t received the message from ‘The Turk’ just yet? (That’s a sports reference regarding cut down day if you’re scratching your head reading it.)

Martinez seems to be the only one saying he is still with MD and they are leaving him hanging out to dry by not confirming it – especially since he tagged them in his Instagram reply to our post. Not exactly the way to treat a guy who has worked for you for 14 years…but neither was Valentino‘s departure.

Par for the course…

Thanks to CHRISTIAN DUQUE from Strength for this video:


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