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The Female Muscle Fetish in the Adult Industry: A Woman’s Perspective

I’ve spoken quite a bit about this on my YouTube channel, but sometimes it’s easier to put your thoughts into words on paper to get everything out. I’d like to discuss the obsession with female muscle fetishes!
As I’ve found out the past year and a half or two, there is a huge demand for strong women and women with muscle. Has this always been around? Maybe so, but I can assure you it’s definitely at its (dare I make the pun?) peak.
What do men with muscle fetishes want? They want to be dominated. They want a woman who is strong and bigger them to tell them what to do. They want to pine for them. They want to be told they are a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to be with a Goddess such as them. They want to fantasize that these women can pick them up and throw them around like a rag doll and make them their bitch. CF2VuYrXIAAWdRg
Why do men have muscle fetishes? Why does anyone have any fetish? We all have our things whether we like to admit it or not. Look how many women have fetishes or desires for big men. Men with muscle fetishes want to worship the hands and feet of a muscle chick and want to be their bitch. If we were to get deep down into the psychoanalysis of the fetish, you’d probably get some who were momma’s boys or some who have inferiority complexes that they would like exploited. But, hey, I like to not scratch TOO far below the surface; a lot of guys just want their own personal wonderwoman and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!
Personally, I find that the men who actually have the fetish for muscle and a general respect for bodybuilding (whether they do it themselves or not) very respectful and easy to get along with. I’ll typically get messages from those with muscle fetishes asking how much can I squat, how much can I bench, rather than those who simply like seeing the big ass and tits who send a simple dick pic with “ur pics did this to me babe, cum sit on it.” 
Obviously, it goes without saying that any girl in the adult industry is going to get their dose of daily dick pics, but I have to say it’s always refreshing to get a message that makes you stop and think “Oh, that was a nice comment.”
What’s my opinion on the whole thing? Fuck yeah, bring on the muscle fetish. It’s about time hard working, dedicated, sexy, muscular and strong women are getting the credit and worship they deserve.

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