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Get In Shape To Go To the Gym

Including the Pre-Gym Prep Full Body Training and Nutrition Plan

By ~ Brenda Kelly ~ You have thought about your physical impression in this space and time and decided. You are going for it! You are going to get fit, healthy and firm up. At a gym. To get serious you realize you will need all the benefits and training options the gym offers. Here is a plan to start to be on the right road to really go and get some of that firm, sexy gym mojo going on for you.

Live your dreams of a better physical you, it’s time to ditch the excuses and transition to action in the now.

Let’s all go to the gym! Right. Just wait a second here…let’s think about how to do this best to support long-term success. There are ways to feel more motivated to train and get lean-er in the beginning. No one shows up at the gym already built and done. If it’s been a ‘couple’ of years since you’ve had consistent gym time scheduled or this is a new goal, it’s OK to want to get in shape before you to go to the gym to be in ‘good enough shape’ before you show up in a new community of motivated, sweaty, physical fitness friends you haven’t met yet.

To all gym newbies who haven’t been compelled to hang with the iron pumping sports jocks or maybe you have been blessed genetically and have never been to a gym or for whatever reason you have yet to add weight training or cardiovascular exercise into your life. Welcome. Enjoy your fitness journey to a healthier more fit and firm you. You will be amazed and enjoy the results from a gym both inside and out. What will help most is being more open-minded to welcome the new – almost everything will seem new at first for a short time. Lots of ‘firsts’ so be kind to you.

*Schedule a general physical check up with your doctor before you to start training to get your green light. Then you’re off!

Find your Gym

Tour the gyms close to your home or work, choose one and join. Take your time to figure out your fitness interests along with your budget. Swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, tennis, racket, basketball courts, group classes and such are fun if you use them.

The top 2 important considerations in your gym search are the weight room(s) and cardio sections. These areas will be able to accommodate your fundamental physique transition foundations for traditional training programs to start. A well set up weight room should include a free weight area with racks of dumb bells and pulley machine areas set up in groupings of each separate body part for efficiency.

Look at the range of cardio options and variety.

Ask about prime time days and hours to schedule around and avoid crowded waiting for machines or weights.

Ask about personal trainer options and any extra rates.

What to Wear

Drop off expectations on how to judge your ‘fit’ level and how fashionable your gym attire is or isn’t. Release the over the top media hype on having to be beautiful to work out at the gym. Let the Hollywood tabloid stars keep the false eyelashes and designer gym bling. Start with simple wardrobe basics and build from there. You will need;

Supportive cross training tennis shoes – wear these for exercise only…not all day!

2 pairs of breathable sports socks.

2 full workout sets of clothes. Tops and bottoms. Cotton blends and natural fibers are good and there are new fabrics that have sweat wicking bonuses. Nothing tight.

Support for women on top – sport bras for the fully endowed

Support for men on the bottom – jock straps with shorts are a must.

Sweat shirt or sweat outfit. I like full zip coats instead of over the head pullovers.

Weight Lifting Gloves – you will be glad you got them every time you use these!

Gym Bag – to put your every day shoes and clothes in if you change at the gym.

Gym towel for sweat and sitting on.

Padlock for personal locker. Some gyms provide locker keys and towels.

Shower toiletries in travel sizes and bath towel if you are planning to shower or freshen up at the gym. Shower flip-flops.

Water container for your workouts to bring with you on the gym floor.

If you want help to get the jump to get in ‘shape’ enough to even attempt to do a weight lifting or cardio session in a public gym below is a 1 – 2 week pre gym prep full body workout program to start you out before you show up.

The best part is you can do this at home for 1 – 2 weeks while you are touring your gyms and gathering your wardrobe items. Feel free to feel motivated to go to the gym BEFORE you are finished with your pre gym prep full body workouts at any time!

Pre Gym Prep Full Body Workout

Day 1 – Cardio and Core

Cardio – Walk or bike 15 minutes to warm muscles and raise heart rate.

Cardio workout tapes and non-stop running or jumping can be substituted.

Wear supportive shoes.

Tip *Use your most motivating music and the time will go much faster.

Core – Standing cross crunches – opposite knee to the opposite elbow.

Alt elbows and knees – 20 X each side (40 total)

Form: Crunch or bend slightly while twisting at the waist while contracting the abdominals. Exhale on the ‘crunch’.

Abdominal Sit-up Crunches

12 – 20

Lower Ab Knee Lifts

12 – 20

Super Set (alternate)


Repeat 3 X

Form: Lie on floor with bent knees, feet flat on the floor. During both exercises the lower back stays still and flat onto the floor instead of arched.

Exhale on the way up or on the effort.

Crunches – keep chin neutral with neck in alignment with your spine and do not pulling on the head or neck with your hands.

Knee lifts – with knees together lifting hips and knees straight up. Lay on your back with bent knees and feet off the ground. Sit on hands with palms down. Lift both knees while pushing with palms down through the floor for support. No rocking.

Too easy? Straighten knees and lift hips with straight legs and toes pointing to the sky. Exhale on the up or effort.

Day 2 – Strength and Stretch

Lower Body

Walking Lunges

10 – 16 ‘steps’


Repeat  3 X

Form: Big step fwd R – bend R knee keeping knee over the toe – knee should bend to a 90 degree angle, touch bk knee (L) as far to the floor as possible. Stand up bringing L foot together with the R ending standing with feet together. Repeat big step fwd with L leg end standing with feet together. That is 1 complete ‘step’.

Keep your core upright the whole time. No leaning over. Exhale on the effort(s).

Upper Body


8 – 10

Triceps Chair Dips

8 – 10

Super Set (alternate)


Repeat  3 X

Form: Push-ups on the floor can be done with legs straight back with feet together on toes for the top difficulty. Mid level is on bent knees. Beginning level uses the wall while standing.

The goal is to touch your chest to the ground or wall keeping your back straight, neck neutral and in alignment with your spine, wrists straight and abdominals held in – while both pushing up and lowering down up keeping the same core form.

Triceps Chair Dips- pretend you are going to sit in the chair but don’t – grab corner edges of the bottom flat seat keeping arms shoulder length apart and wrists straight holding yourself up with straight elbows. Walk feet a foot or two out in front while keeping your hips lifted and still holding yourself up in the air with your arms. Keep shoulders depressed and do not snap or lock elbows. Bend elbows and straighten using just the elbow joints for triceps activation. Butt does not touch chair. Keep chin neutral and relaxed. Try for a 45 – 90 degree bend, then straighten.

Stretch – Gentle full body – 15 minutes. Add your favorite music for atmosphere.

Form: Breathe easy with no bouncing, no forcing. Hold steady. Think head to toe.

Sit on floor with legs crossed and start at the top.

Neck – side-to-side, back and fourth and gently down.

Shoulders – hug wrap, single arm reach across and up.

Chest – reach behind and grab hands behind back (or try to as far as you can and hold). Core – side-to-side bends while holding and breathing while seated in a floor straddle are great.

Lower back and Hamstrings (backs of upper legs) – from seated position put one leg out in front as straight as you can and lean towards your foot keeping your back straight and neck in alignment with your spine. Switch legs. For lower back stiffness relief, lay on your back pulling alternate legs to the chest and holding.

Quadriceps (front of upper legs) – lie on one side and grab your R ankle with your R hand keeping your heel more towards the middle of your butt.

Stand to stretch Calves – stand with R foot more in front with bent knee, L heel is down and L knee is straight – you should feel this in your L calf. Switch.

Day 3 – Repeat Day 1 – Cardio and Core

Day 4 – Repeat Day 2 – Strength and Stretch

Day 5 – Repeat Day 1 – Cardio and Core

Day 6 = Repeat Day 2 – Strength and Stretch

Day 7 – Mental Balance Day; Meditate, Friends, Church, Fun Family, Pray, Nature, Art

Nutrition and Water

Start drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. Measure it out. Carry it around with you if you have to. Flavoring is ok if using natural sweeteners. *Get a good container with a spill-proof lid to bring water with you anytime on the go and at the gym.

Cut down or leave out fast foods and processed packaged foods. Eat smaller meals more frequently to get your ‘fire’ burning for vroom vroom metabolism to get maximum results for your energy and transformation.

Choose foods you like and put together your nutrition plan using this easy suggested daily plan.

Protein 3 – 4 servings a day.

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Eggs, Fish, Nuts, Soy, Protein Powder

Complex Carbohydrates 2 – 3 servings a day.

Yams, Rice, Potatoes, Beans, Corn, Oats, Quinoa, Whole Grains, Legumes

*Wheat 1 – 2 servings a day – if not allergic

Whole Grains

*Dairy 1 serving a day – if not allergic

Low or non-fat

Fruit 1 serving a day.

Veggies are free!

Snacks – Popcorn, Rice Cakes, Nuts, Seeds and always more Protein!

Fats – Olive, Grape Seed, Hemp and Coconut

Condiments – Salsa, Soy sauce, Braggs, Mustard, low sugar Ketchup, non-fat Salad dressings, Herbs and Spices.


We can use the help of technology to get our cells and bodies really ready for the next level to build lean muscle by adding the right supplements. For a super tech bump for your pump, look for products that contain a creatine and glutamine mix. Follow label directions and adjust as you go to personalize servings. Add a good protein powder in your favorite flavor to your daily nutrition schedule for super quick and nutritious meal idea. Read your labels to avoid doubling up on other supplements since many protein powders add glutamine.

Use fat burners with caution. Start with half the label dose and see how you feel each day for a week before adding more.

Motivate yourself and improve your results with positive, helpful thoughts and self-talk. Tip: add a positive tag at the end of any negative training thought or body image and especially out loud if you are talking. Train yourself to train your uplifting positive self!

Know the difference of body, emotions and mind. Our physical body will respond to a new training program with much wanted change that will move through stages like muscle soreness, joint stiffness, tiredness and maybe even crankiness. Your mind can become your best friend for your convictions of consistency. I call this the ‘Even If’ program. Even If…I’m sleepy and would rather stay in bed…I’m going to the gym! Even If…these pants make me look fat from behind (isn’t this the WHY?) I’m going to the gym. Or Even If…I had a wonky day and feel off mentally…I’m going to the gym. Switch out all of your best excuses and plug them into the Even If sentence ahead of time. Then remind yourself. Sometimes daily!

Baby-boomer alert! If you used to be a state linebacker or college gymnast star, congratulations! You have built much of your fitness foundation already and you can seriously benefit from ‘muscle memory’. Enjoy every stage of your personal time-line of your unique fitness lifestyle.

If you are new to training with the iron or cardio the sky’s your limit of exploration for you and your physique! Work your body parts separately and become amazed at your body’s growth, shape, strength and rejuvenation abilities.

Invest in the power of your whole self. You will love what you discover and uncover and the fun part is what breaks down you get to rebuild. Muscle tissue is really just ‘scar’ tissue of healing and rebuilding of cells. They end up stronger after miniscule fiber tears that heal over and grow when we stress a particular muscle group. Remember, our hearts are muscles too so let’s make them healthier at the gym!

At the gym not only do we get to feel and see real results, we get to feel really tuff. We get to know what we feel like when we take responsibility for our fitness health and how that looks like inside and out.

Start your gym journey with more ease of mind and body with your pre gym prep full body training and nutrition plan and we will see you at the gym!

Mahalo wonderful iron brothers and sisters ~ Brenda

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