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Spring 2015 Issue (Zack “King” Khan) Now On Sale

Our highly-anticipated Spring 2015 is out and the print edition is available via a pre-sale on our Store page. To get you through the short (approximately two weeks) waiting period, the online version is uploaded and viewable free of charge. And this is a perfect time to begin your annual subscription – $25 plus free shipping.


So were we able to follow up on our Winter 2015 issue with Lee Priest on the cover, a publication that made the rounds through the bodybuilding industry with a statement that MSM is finally a magazine that pulled no punches and did more than merely pushing the envelope?

You be the judge, but it is our collective opinion as a company that the new one with Zack “King” Khan on the cover will have even more of an effect on the target demographic. Besides, there is an additional 12 pages from our previous issues.ZachCoverStory

There is a huge void in the bodybuilding publishing world and the other choices have chosen to go away from the hardcore mentality that made them what they once were…key word is WERE, mind you.

That is something that we have embraced and brought to another level, one that the competition would never even dream of approaching due to their need to be politically correct and not offend anyone. Sorry, folks, but bodybuilding is not for any (to coin a term made famous by Khan) ‘pussy boys.’

Here is what awaits you (in order of appearance). You get all of this for the low price of $6.99 with FREE shipping:

*Talkin’ Smack by Gregg Valentino – During his Muscular Development tenure, our managing editor shocked even the most hardcore of readers with his Ramblin’ Freak column. Well, we one-upped it by taking any restraints or censorship away. Be forewarned.

*The Priest Holds Mass by Lee Priest – Arnold’s big guts comments have been scrutinized by everyone else, but they have pussy footed around the obvious. Not Lee Priest.ThePriestHoldsMass

*Anabolic Expert by Dave PalumboRX Muscle‘s head honcho knows his shit when it comes to bodybuilding drugs and the readers pick his brain with a Q&A.

*Muscle Outcast by Vic Richards“Mr. Big” fills everyone in on what he has been doing since leaving the spotlight. You will be shocked at what you read.

*MuscleSport by Joe Pietaro – The latest additions to our website.

*The Resurgence of The King by Joe Pietaro – Zack Khan will be returning to the IFBB stage and has launched his own supplement line. And he’s still a ladies man.

*Women and Steroids by Ariella Palumbo – Can a lady use the shit and still remain feminine? Fuck, yeah!

*Centerfold Photo Spread by AJ JAWA Photo – IFBB pro Debi Laszewski steams up the middle of our issue and shows the rest of the pack what they’re missing by completely ignoring female bodybuilding.Centerfold_2

*Social Media Firestorm by Bostin Loyd – The bodybuilding industry is more than just long and boring shows filled with hundreds of MPD and bikini competitors.

*Are Heavy Weights the Truly Best Way To Increase Muscle Mass? by Robbie Durand – The former Muscular Development and FLEX Editor-in-Chief has brought his talent and experience to MSM.

*Pay Your Dues, Kids by Marc Lobliner – Jumping right into a cycle before your muscles are even matured is not a smart way to go, but has been commonplace with many people.

*Ric’s Corner: Training With Arnold Schwarzenegger by Ric Drasin – “The Equalizer” takes a look back to the first time he met The Austrian Oak and their full week workout routine together.SocialMediaFirestorm

*Famous Fitness by Joe PietaroColin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers), Elton Brand (Atlanta Hawks), Brandon Boykin (Philadelphia Eagles), Reno Wilson (“Mike and Molly”), Duke Castiglione and Mike Woods (Fox 5 Good Day New York), David Ramsey (“Blue Bloods,” “Arrow”)

*Reader Spotlight – Andy Thompson

*Sports Enhancement by Kirk Radomski – The central figure in the MLB steroid scandal takes a look at winstrol and what is the attraction to pitchers.


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