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Kai Greene S&M Toronto Pro Guest Posing Routine Going Too Far

We are going to come right out and say it instead of beating around the bush. Kai Greene‘s guest posing routine at the IFBB Toronto Pro was ridiculous and something that should not have been performed at a bodybuilding show. The Predator’s flamboyant outfit was plain and simply going too far. That may not be as politically correct as some of you may like, but the truth hurts and we don’t have a problem delivering that message.

This is supposed to be bodybuilding, not a follies version of “Magic Mike.” 

Now, this is not a homophobic reaction and while we admittedly would not have complained as loud if a female competitor had done the same (we’re not trying to hide that fact), it still would have been deemed ‘unprofessional’ by us.

Greene is one of the top bodybuilders in the world and he is by far the best poser on the professional circuit. So he doesn’t need to resort to outlandish and sexually-suggestive S&M-type costumes to impress. If anything, it detracts from what he is capable of doing. Adding a phallic symbol (and if you don’t think that is supposed to be his dick, get your head out of your ass) in that manner is pretty disgusting, to put it kindly, and has no business being present on a bodybuilding stage.

Posing has become a lost art in the sport ever since the competitors were not scored on their routines and Greene has by far and large been one of the few that still take it serious enough to plan out and choreograph an entertaining one. This cheapens what he does.

We took a look to see what some of the reactions were around the industry and found the forum thread on Muscular Development pretty interesting. Shawn Ray, a Hall of Fame bodybuilder who has also promoted his own competitions, saw this the same way we did and kudos to him for having the balls to speak up on a subject that would be easy to either ignore or go along with to avoid any backlash. Here are some of his posts exactly as they appeared:

Shawn Ray: Good grief……

Promoters need to put a Stop to “Props” at Guest Posings.

This is not what people Pay to see

It doesn’t justify the “Sadomasicistic” posing out fits unfit for kids and families to watch one of the sports elite & best built Pro’s?

Pictures go global and opinions run rampant.

Following  a few replies, Ray posted:

This type of “ARTISTIC” Style holds the sport back and yes “I’m not a Fan” of this type of exhibitionism related to the sport of Bodybuilding nor would I Hire or Pay a top Pro to perform a guest routine in these out fits.
It’s not Halloween and watching a Bodybuilder Pose “Covered up” is like watching a Facial Fashion Model being on display wearing a Burka Head Set.


And even more with:

I suggest, no I “Mandate” that All Promoters hiring IFBB Pro’s to “Guest Pose” enforce that that is Exactly what the athlete shows up to do. Anything beyond that should be Detailed so the Promoter knows what he is Paying for as well they can Advertise “Guest Poser or Guest Performance” there in lies the expectation difference and r lemonade the element of surprise as well, if the IFBB doesn’t reel this shit in its only a matter of time before some creative genius takes Kai’s creativity to the next level with Dogs, Chains, Slaves, God only knows…..
Point is- Your a Bodybuilder so just freaking do a posing routine showing off your Body not all the crazy Costume, Masks and BS that actually take away from what you worked your ass off to display. 

MD’s online editor-in-chief literally broke bread with Greene and commented:

Adina Zanoli: I just got back from having dinner with Kai. This was actually just a spontaneous thing. He was brought here or paid to guest pose. He did it because of, and for, the fans.

It’s weird, I always hated it until I met him. I even told him that last night. The pics get very harsh reactions online, but crowds go crazy, like lose their shit crazy, when he comes out like that.

They loved it….standing room only.

Really? Spontaneous? I suppose Greene always travels (especially over the border) with leather, spikes and a mask. And we’re also not so sure about this particular crowd loving it. Sure, the expo hall was full and a potential Olympia winner was guest posing. So of course the crowd is going to want to give it a look.

From the angle of this fan-shot clip, it appears that not everyone fit into Zanoli’s description of going “crazy” or “losing their shit.”





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