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Phil Heath Has a Free Pass For Anti-Arnold Remarks

Phil Heath has gone out of his way to criticize the one figure in bodybuilding that seemed untouchable, but it will not effect his future as the reigning four-time Mr. Olympia. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger had previously criticized the IFBB judges – and even mentioned league president Jim Manion’s name while doing so – the man known as “The Gift” will defend his title in September without worrying about any politics coming into play.

One would think that blasting Schwarzenegger would be career suicide, but Heath seems as if he is taking shots at The Austrian Oak as part of his newfound “stardom” tour with being on TMZ and Bloomberg TV. Perhaps Heath feels that he can finally become the “next Arnold” that everyone has been waiting for and is not satisfied just winning Sandows at this point in his career.

Heath may be many things, but stupid is not one of them. He knows exactly what he is doing and Schwarzenegger has gone (in some people’s eyes) from hero to bully and Heath’s strategy is apparently to go after the biggest kid in the schoolyard – even if that sours some people on him.

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The first salvo was fired by Heath in a video posted by NPC News Online when Frank Sepe asked him about Schwarzenegger’s wide midsection comments. He responded:

“I think what the new fan did was attach themselves to that comment more than the people that have been in it for a long time.”

We politely disagree and feel that the longtime fans are the ones who have been complaining about this the most and obviously longer than the ones who were not even born until after Dorian Yates – the first massive Mr. Olympia – took over from the more aesthetic Lee Haney.

“I think that all of the judges got it right at the Arnold,” he continued, “and they get it right at the Olympia. The guys with the distention didn’t place well so you guys (sic) gotta stop with this whole ‘who’s aesthetic and who’s not’ because the guys’s who are winning already have it.”

That is debatable, as Dexter Jackson (the winner of the 2015 Arnold Classic and on four prior occasions) did get the nod in 2013 with a distended gut and Heath has also been criticized for having one at times, as well. While both have quality physiques, they are not totally exempt from this, either.

That was miniscule compared to the Facebook post (on Heath’s verified account) when he responded to someone by dismissing their request for Heath – being a potential ambassador for the sport as its top athlete – to lead the charge, if you will, to bring bodybuilding back to the days of the aesthetic physique and that Schwarzenegger was correct:

“I believe you’re wrong, as our sport generates more fans daily than ever before with more pro shows all over the world. More fitness businesses than ever and companies due to the heavy influence of bodybuilding. I, for one, have benefitted by even being accepted on Bloomberg TV doing a segment on “Street Smarts,” so (sic) not so sure if your post is valid enough to refute my reality. I also think that it’s at times the athletes’ inability to train our breathing more than you think, as we are all much larger than our predecessors ever were. Oh, and Arnold, as we know, had no legs. So let’s remind ourselves that.”heath7

Heath has deservedly been taking some flak for the last remark on the various bodybuilding websites and leave it up to Muscular Development’s Bob Cicherillo to avoid the topic by joining the attack on Schwarzenegger. We understand that he is the IFBB athlete’s representative, but these posts on the MD forum seem to go in line with Cicherillo’s head-in-the-sand public stance on the entire HGH gut issue.

When one of their forum members brought up the possibility that a modern day Schwarzenegger would in fact have bigger legs because he would have been using the current steroid regimen, Cicherillo replied:

“Allright Counselor…I’ll retort. Arnold might have (sic) substancially bigger legs with todays supps…but would his waist be larger as a result…?”

C’mon, Chick. You can’t even say ‘drugs’ and have to call them ‘supps?’ Whatever. Then he replied to another post that stated (correctly) that Schwarzenegger possessed a tiny waist:

“Dont know about “tiny”…small for HIM perhaps.”

It appears that a good majority of the industry has turned their collective backs on Schwarzenegger not because he complained about the waistlines on the competitors (which he has done in the past without the same fallout), but because he took it up a notch by putting it directly on the judges and Manion and telling media outlets to do the same.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We will be posting a follow-up article regarding the overall anti-Schwarzenegger sentiment that has been prevalent in many media outlets in the bodybuilding industry. 


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  2. Pedro

    August 19, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Hello everyone I am htiting gym 4 days a week for last three months.I am not that fat. but got a bear belly (no tht big though),If anyone can suggest me what supplement should i take to get some muscle without gaining body weight,.I dun want to get bulky,, m looking for a supplement that help to burn fat and build my muscle.Thanks in advance guys.

  3. vu5459

    September 16, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Watch the Phil Heath Interview very closely and listen to him word for word. You will notice that Phil does NOT actually say that Arnold had no legs. If you guys actually see which part of the video Phil says “Arnold had no legs”, link it in my replies. I watched the interview twice.

    Phil simply says that:
    1. If you don’t like the person who has disintended gut, don’t invite the competitor into your show.
    2. Arnold Classic is by invitation only
    3. Phil Heath feels he isn’t going to get paid as much by doing an Arnold Classic compared to Mr. Olympia.
    4. Top 3 usually doesn’t have disintended gut. Phil Heath by no means has a disintended gut. Go look at his measurements very closely
    5. And its true, what Phil says, “the people who have the disinteded gut are usually ranked 4th place or below.” I’ll add:’ If you know by actually measuring your waist that your waist is puny compared to the rest of your body, you as a person should NOT worry about other people’s comments.
    6. Dexter Jackson won the Arnold Classic by bringing a puny waist and muscles massive everywhere else. The rest of Dexter’s competitors competing at the Arnold Classic did NOT achieve this, therefore they did NOT beat Dexter Jackson.
    7. If the person HAS a disintended gut, just dock them points. Which is what Phil actually says flat out and the judge DID this both at Mr. Olympia and at the Arnold Classic.

    If you don’t like Phil Heath that’s not a big deal, don’t misinterpret what people are trying to say. I simply go word for word what Phil Heath says. By no means do I favor anyone without hearing the facts or the exact words being used especially since Phil’s words were on camera. The exact words from Phil’s video if taken to court, would be easily thrown out since there’s no evidence of Phil bashing Arnold.

  4. Joe Pietaro

    September 19, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    vu5459 – The leg remark was from Facebook. Read this paragraph on:

    That was miniscule compared to the Facebook post (on Heath’s verified account)

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