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Muscular Development Trolling Against Zack Khan

This would be semi-amusing if it weren’t so pitiful. There is no love lost between ourselves and Muscular Development, to put it mildly, and there is pure hatred when it comes to their “hierarchy” (Steve Blechman, Adina Zanoli) and ours (Joe Pietaro, Gregg Valentino).

As you well know, Zack Khan has come on board with MSM as a columnist and adorns our current cover, as well. Now all of a sudden, a thread was started in MD’s No Bull forum entitled, “Zack King Khan is a Joke.”

What was hilarious is that the majority of the replies to this post were not in agreement with the OP modrentrenton and his opinion. Here is his post exactly as it appears:

zack “king” khan is a joke! this guy thinks he is a better big ramy, all i see is a guy who is always injured and does nothing in the pro ranks. calling your self a pro and being big means nothing if you cant bring that body to the stage. 

He was called “a troll” by another forum member and asked by another when Khan ever said he was better than Big Ramy. Needless to say, the OP  – or whoever put him up to this – saw their feeble attempt at taking a shot at Khan, MuscleSport Magazine or both go for naught.

Unfortunately, former MD employees are immediately banned for life from posting on their forums or else we would have gladly chimed in. So if anyone out there still has the ability to post there and wants to voice their opinion, please feel











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