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MD Forum Thread Saga Grows – In Our Favor, Of Course

Isn’t it wonderful when plans of treachery blow up in the faces of those who put it out there to begin with? A few days ago, we posted an article about Muscular Development’s attempt at discrediting Zack “King” Khan. The OP, a person who posts under the guise of ‘modredtrenton’ and is allegedly a 42-year-old “proud German,” took umbrage with our take on the situation and then created a second thread entitled, “MuscleSport Mag Says Modredtrenton Trolls Zack Khan For MD.”

We’ll excuse his debauchery of the English language since he apparently resides in ‘the Father Land.’ But ‘speaking’ in the third person  – which was also pointed out by another MD forum member – shows the character (or lack thereof) of this person. Even more reason why we feel our suspicions were correct to begin with.

He starts the thread off with this gem (as originally posted):

over 6400 views in 3 days. not bad for a little thread where i just share my opinon about a guy named “king” khan. muscle sport mag thinks i am a md “ratt” who tries to give z khan and muscle sport mag a bad name because the guy is now on the cover of that mag…. they must be desperate in search for storys if they have to create that much drama because of something modredtrenton said in md fourms(look at what is written on the pictures)…. so to me the real reason for making so much out of nothing is that some former md employees have some hard feelings towards md… so mr blechman and adina zanoli dont love joe pietaro and gregg “synthol” valentino anymore.. i feel sorry for you guys…

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The vast majority of the responses were not exactly jumping on this guy’s bandwagon and he again was called out like he was on the first thread about Khan. Sure, there were a few that called us “drama queens” and that they have “never heard of” us before and that this doesn’t make them want to “go check us out.” Can’t make all of them happy (especially the apparently confused guy who enjoys Gregg Valentino‘s videos for us, but that we are “shit”), but our roster has more ‘real’ MD guys on it than the new and less improved MD does! So if these members were part of that forum when it was actually ‘NoBull,’ then they would welcome reading the likes of Valentino, Dave Palumbo, Lee Priest and Robbie Durand again.

And then the OP, after taking a few roundhouses from the others, had this to say:

if you would not be so blinded by hating me you would have noticed that this thread is about “muscle sport mag” having a problem with my little thread and that some of thema are pissed ex md employees who use this to piss on mds door…

Yes, we are in fact pissed ex-MD employees and will use each and every opportunity at our disposal to ‘piss on’ their door. But they are making it easy on us with this material. Remember – we worked there and know their strategy.

Then a member who calls himself ‘naturalguy’ posted:

I can’t take them seriously, they always go for the sensational headline. They seem to be like the National Enquirer of bodybuilding. They signed Bostin Loyd, that tells you all you need to know about them.

Of course we are going for the sensational headline. We never tried to hide that fact. And just for some side info, the National Enquirer is part of AMI and that publication outsells all of their bodybuilding and fitness titles (FLEX, Muscle & Fitness, etc.) combined. So saying that we are the National Enquirer of bodybuilding is actually a compliment. Lastly, Bostin Loyd has been a great addition to MSM, but we can understand your issue with him if you are calling yourself natural. (Psssst…steroids are as much of a part of pro bodybuilding as dumbbells and protein powder. Loyd just has the balls to put his cycle out there instead of playing games like Bob Cicherillo‘s “it’s not drugs but rather the food” excuse for the big guts.)

Then the conversation delved into Dorian Yates being a part of MD and he is allegedly a Holocaust denier with these posts from romant56:

I don’t know much about Musclesport but I think your comment is a bit ridiculous. MD employs Dorian (who actually really like) but you obviously don’t. Do you believe denying the holocaust is better than openly discussing ridiculous PED stacks? You continue to do business with MD right? You also signed Antoine who isn’t exactly the poster boy of bodybuilding. I have no problem with any of those people but I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy. Don’t throw stones in a glass house.


I have no problem with you and I understand why the Dorian thing would upset you. I’m just commenting on criticizing another business for things that you yourself do to an extent. I am a capitalist and believe that competition is good. They offer things that MD doesn’t and vice versa. Everyone hires some sketchy characters. I mean MD has Farah who lied about being shot as a cop. I see that as worse than what Bostin does. I think it is extreme to discredit the whole company.

Thank you, romant56.

But when you have your online Editor-in-Chief proudly writing on numerous occasions that she herself is a product of the forums and that you, too, can become part of Team MD just by being active there, this is what you get – all around.

And the drama continues…


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