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Ariella Palumbo on Being Off Steroids

Bostin Loyd and I took some time off from the gym, our diet and drugs since the end of March (after his show). So for about three months, we were being “normal.” We would go out to eat, go to amusement parks, the movies and just relax. This is completely unlike us, and it was the first time I had ever taken that much time off from the gym since I started training back in 2009. I was always scared to take time off, but I have to say, it was definitely a nice break.

We were also in the process of moving out of our apartment complex and buying a new home, so this was a major reason for the time off. Now that we are all moved in and settled, we got back on track with out diet and training, except I continued to stay off of any steroids.

So this video is just about taking time off and how I was feeling. I did miss a few points in this video that I wanted to address but I can make another video soon and update you guys on everything!

Hope you guys enjoy and thank you all for your continued support ! 🙂


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