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Dana Linn Bailey & Muscular Development – Exclusive or Not?

There was much fanfare when Muscular Development put IFBB physique pro Dana Linn Bailey on the cover of their June 2015 issue and with good reason. The first ever Women’s Physique Division winner at Olympia Weekend is a huge fan favorite and she and her husband Rob Bailey have created a great market for themselves and their various business ventures. Both have earned the right to be called ‘social media sensations’ and pack crowds wherever they appear.

So it became even more interesting when the bodybuilding publication followed that up by signing the woman known to her fans as ‘DLB’ to what was reportedly an exclusive contract…something that the industry has been getting away from in 2015.

When Muscular Development made the announcement on July 9, 2015, publisher Steve Blechman welcomed her to Team MD with: “Dana is one of the most popular and successful athletes in bodybuilding, and we are thrilled to welcome her to Team MD. She has proven to be a strong role model for both women and men, and with her work ethic, I know she will continue to find success in the industry and will be a great asset to our company.” No one is doubting that, as the Baileys are both great for the sport and bring a fantastic element to it as a very likable power couple.MD-COVER-June-2015-DLB-cover

But what wasn’t present may have said volumes, as only a repeated quote from Dana Linn Bailey was in this new announcement:

“To be featured on the front cover of my favorite magazine … is such a huge honor for me,” Dana said, at the time the June issue came out. “Thank you to MD for stepping outside the norm and believing and supporting me and other strong females out there.”

Fast forward a few days and many of Dana Linn Bailey’s fans were unsure of what all of this exactly meant. Would she be prohibited from posting on social media? How about being interviewed and/or photographed for other publications? (She was also on the cover of both Muscle Insider and Power magazine recently.) Enough that the Bailey’s felt the need to put out a video (see below) to clear the air, if you will.

But did it? Judging by some of the comments on the YouTube page, it is still ambiguous what she can and cannot do with this MD contract when it coms to third parties. It appears that she can certainly continue to post on her own social media platforms, but it gets sketchy as to magazines and/or websites.

For example, if Vanity Fair, Elle, Cosmopolitan or Vogue magazine wanted Dana Linn Bailey to write a column about general fitness and nutrition, would she be allowed to? She has become more of a mainstream figure (with her recent television appearance on American Ninja Warrior) of late and who’s to say that a major title wouldn’t want her to even do a one-shot column? She has an amazing personality, is in tip top shape…and a lot hotter than Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner!

We reached out to the Baileys and asked this same question and have not received a response as of this writing. But you take a look at it and judge for yourself.

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If you have not heard… I will be writing a column for Muscular Development Magazine!. I have read this magazine from the start of my training.(12 years ago) It is my go to mag on there long plane rides. I think it is so cool to have the opportunity to speak for women in the mag. I am excited to start writing!
I have been fielding a lot of concerns about the ‘exclusive’ word. A lot of my fans are worried that the word ‘exclusive’ is going to change the way that we do things… For the record, I am NOT AN EXCLUSIVE ATHLETE I just write an exclusive column. So expect to see us putting out all the same media that we always do.
Having an opportunity to write a column is almost overwhelming! I don’t even know where to start. So, I decided to do what I do best and put out a youtube video calling for questions and topics to talk about. I will read all the comments and sort through the trolls and come up with some great topics to talk about! So feel free to give me some ideas!


Rob Bailey: “Let me address some concerns. Rob Bailey is the…I am the one who deals with all of the contracts. All over our social media, I have been seeing a lot of comments and I’m going to address these. There’s been a lot of concerns from some people…because they know that we’re not under contract from anyone, with anything and we don’t answer to anyone. And people were very concerned that things were going to change when we are under contract. Nothing is going to change except now that you have your own column in MD.” 

DLB: “We’re able to work with whoever we want, do whatever we want. This is just an exclusive monthly column for them.”

To be continued…


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