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No Olympia Live Stream Broadcast in 2015

For a number of years, has been the go-to place pundits of the Iron Game to watch the live stream broadcast for Joe Weider’s IFBB Olympia Weekend. Those who were unable to attend in person could see the events unfold over the two evenings when the world’s best physiques all vied for the industry’s most prestigious prize in their respective categories. But this year that will not be the case.

According to Isaac Hinds (a photographer known as a “schmoe,”┬ábut someone who allegedly also has his hand on the pulse of the industry, most likely by way of kissing ass and going as far as calling company owners and attempting to take jobs that were already filled), the speculation that the Olympia would not be streamed on its usual web home is in fact accurate.

On July 18, Hinds posted the following on the official Twitter account of, one of the websites that he owns:Muscle Phone Tweet

The rumors are true. There will not be a live webcast from .com however that doesn’t mean there won’t be a webcast.

And in response to someone who asked for a reason, Hinds followed up with:

Not at liberty to discuss. Just because they aren’t doing it doesn’t mean there won’t be one.

Reading into this, one can make an assumption that another website may in fact broadcast the Olympia or are in negotiations to do so. But regardless of the outcome, this cannot be viewed any other way but negative.

A year ago, NBC Sports was present in Las Vegas and was scheduled to air two 90-minute programs on the 2014 Olympia Weekend (not live, but edited and produced to be televised the following month). It appeared to be a huge opportunity for the sport to receive mainstream exposure and get it in front of more than just its niche following. But the giant network ultimately decided to shelve the project and it still has never been seen. But bodybuilding fans still had the live stream, which was more valuable to them than two specials shown weeks after the contest.

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It’s one thing when NBC decides that the Olympia was not worthy of being aired. But it’s an entirely different story when comes to the same conclusion.

Hopefully for the fans, another website will air the Olympia live. But the logistics and cost for doing something like that need to be planned way ahead of time. (We are less than two months out from the show dates.) If this is something that happened behind the scenes recently, then there’s a better chance than not that the only way to see it live will be with a ticket.


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