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Tennis Legends Workout and Diet – Roddick, Djovic, Murray, Agassi, Bjorg, Perry

Go Large on Quality

The temptation when you’re trying to eat for fitness is to cut down, cut down and cut down. Cut down on fats, cut down on sugars, cut down on treats and instead go large on abstinence and avoidance strategies. But if you really are pushing up your activity levels that means you’ll be burning calories at a rate that might surprise you.

Novak Djokovic didn’t win Wimbledon on Riveta and lettuce. Famously, he always tips the odds in his favour by fuelling up in a way that was right for his body and right for his mind. Quality and quantity both matter – Quantity in that you need carbs to burn; quality in that the good stuff really does make a difference.

Toning up and slimming down are not overnight operations; any positive development takes time. Anything that happens fast is not likely to do you much lasting good. In the meantime, the least you can do is to not worry about the quantity of what you eat – just go large on the quality.


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