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Lose The Fat First Before Taking Steroids

I received so many e-mails from women who are blatantly overweight who want to take harsh anabolic steroids to get themselves lean and vascular. I have no problem with having a goal and a body transformation plan, hell, that’s what it is all about! But it’s called a plan for a reason and it’s important to be realistic about what to expect.
As I’m open about anabolic steroids and women taking them, I seem to pick up a lot of people who are just getting the wrong idea! Yes, I had a huge transformation (lost over 140 pounds) but I lost all that weight before thinking of using steroids.
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Taking DNP, clen, tren, anavar…these things will only assist in your goals once you have lost the fat. Clen is useful once your diet is in check and you’re getting in plenty of cardio, but in general, your diet is what is doing the work. People, women especially, need to keep in mind that no matter how bad you want there to be one, there is no magic fat loss pill, patch, tea, injection. The magic in fat loss comes from your diet, dedication and time.
Do I believe everyone should only be losing 2 pounds per week “safely?” No, I think that’s bullshit. When it comes to a full body transformation, losing body fat first is KEY. Sure, you can build muscle underneath all that flab, but you certainly aren’t going to see it or appreciate it.
“But muscle burns fat, doesn’t it? So why can’t I just put on 50 pounds of muscle and lose 50 pounds of fat at the same time?”
If you can do that, be my guest and while you’re at it, sell a book and teach me your secrets on how you put on 50 pounds of muscle while carrying excess estrogen, raised hormones, a piss poor diet all in the short time frame you’re wanting!
In all seriousness, especially in women’s cases putting on muscle is DEAD hard even with the use of steroids, and it’s a LOT harder when you’re carrying more fat. Plus, when you also decide you want to lose more fat, your strength goes down and you yo yo. It’s important to focus on one goal at a time.
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Goals in order for someone who is overweight and wants a full body transformation-
1. Motivate
2. Get your diet on point.
3. Train hard and heavy with sprinting and HITT cardio.
4. KEEP your diet on point, and KEEP training hard.
Then once you are pretty lean,
Remember, anabolic steroids are not magic pills. Even if you decide to take them YOU have to do the work to make them work.
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