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Does Switching Testosterone Types Cause a Crash?

The topics discussed in this article are not typically written by female authors and these are not softball questions. Do other advanced bodybuilders experience a mild crash when switching testosterone (test)? Tests that have longer esters like Cypionate (cyp) and Enanthate (e) tend to stay in our system more often than a Propionate (prop). Many competitors replace their test with a prop before the contest to lose any water retention. During this time many supplements are different which could cause a hormonal imbalance.

Recently after trying an enanthate for months my protocol changed to using test prop more consistently again.  It felt as if I had come off completely but the symptoms did not last as long. Propionate never seems to affect me like cyp or enanthates do. Variables and dosages remain the same however its impact is weaker. Test prop doesn’t build up in my system compared to the others.

A theory of mine is that women on male hormones are more sensitive because testosterone is foreign to our bodies. Men are injecting a synthetic version of what their organs healthily produce. The small amount of natural test in most females is slim to none which makes us overly reactive to the side effects. Do male bodybuilders feel a difference between test prop, cyp, or e like I experience?

Ripped Vixen started competing on the east coast in 2007 and took 2nd place in her first Bodybuilding show.  Since then, she has won two championships in Open Women’s Bodybuilding and the Overall Championship in Figure.  Ripped started playing sports at the age of 4 and has been competing ever since.  She began a serious lifting program at age 15 which greatly improved her athletic performance on the field. Growing up the Vixen played basketball, field hockey and softball and continued scoring points on the forward line in basketball and field hockey throughout High School.  An athletic director recruited her to play for their NCAA Field Hockey team at a local college. While earning a psychology degree she was introduced to a new sport, lacrosse, where RV instantly excelled in defense.

After graduating on the Dean’s List, Ripped Vixen missed that competitive edge she has known her whole life. All that time invested in the gym inspired RV to become a personal trainer. She truly developed a passion for health and fitness.  Shortly after acquiring a NASM certification she started her own business personal training.  Eight years later, the muscle queen resides in Los Angeles training celebrities for a living.  Ripped has fulfilled her dream as a professional bodybuilder in Southern California working out at Gold’s Gym Venice!  This is when the growth process really started to change and you could see her physique morph drastically. Fans have inspired Mistress Ripped Vixen to show off her ripped body by performing live on webcam. She flexes her oiled muscles wearing a thong bikini or sexy lingerie.  Check out her show times by following @RippedVixen on Twitter!

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