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Clayton Kershaw LA Dodgers Pitcher Workout

The old saying doesn’t pertain any longer, especially when you factor in Clayton Kershaw. The wiseass remark of, “he’s not an athlete; he’s a pitcher” has gone by the way of cell phones with antennas. No, the ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers takes his workout routine quite seriously and that old image of the pot bellied hurler on the hill huffing and puffing after three innings will never be mistaken for the two-time National League Cy Young Award winner, and it would seem like a sure thing with this sportsbook

Kershaw approaches the offseason similar to what he does during the summer. “You pitch every fifth day, so you kind of have to plan those four days in between of what you’re going to do to get ready,” he said in an Eastbay video. “It might be boring sometimes and not always the most fun thing to do in the world, but I really do enjoy it and I really don’t feel right unless I’m dong those things every four days because I’m so used to it.”

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The southpaw mentions that these days consist of throwing, running and weight lifting, as well as watching game video. Kershaw also preaches maintenance and understanding your own body. At 26, he knows that things will change and become more difficult as the years go by – especially for a pitcher.

“For me, I’m still young, so I don’t get that soreness too much,” he continued on the clip. “But I know going forward, the stuff that I’m doing today is going to help later on. You really have to keep your shoulder and elbow healthy; you try to get that soreness out as quickly as possible and for every guy, that’s a little bit different. But for me, the routine that I have focuses on that.”

If the present is any indication, Kershaw will be setting himself up for a long and storied career, much to the chagrin of the opponent’s hitters.


*MLB Debut: 5/25/08 for the Los Angeles Dodgers
*Career Stats: 79-46, 2.58 ERA, 1222 strikeouts, 1.09 WHIP
*Three-Time All Star (2011, 2012, 2013)
* Two-Time NL CY Young (2011, 2013)
*Gold Glove Award (2011)
*Roberto Clemente Award (2012)
*Three-Time NL ERA Leader (2011, 2012, 2013)
*Two-Time NL Strikeout Leader (2011, 2013)

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