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Ariella Palumbo Q&A From Instagram Requests

I had asked you all to post some questions on Instagram that I could answer in a video, so here it is. I try to cover as much as possible and am sorry if I left some things out or got off track. I’m slowly learning how to edit videos, so for the time being they will look crappy and will be without editing!


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Offseason Program

3-month offseason program. You can use this option if you want to gain weight, lose weight or just maintain and get lean. Includes diet, workouts, supplement advice and check in every two weeks.


Unlimited Offseason Program

3-month “unlimited” offseason program. Use this option to gain weight, lose weight, cut up or whatever your goal may be. Includes personalized diet, workouts and supplement advice. You can check in daily or as much as you want or need too with this option.


Contest Prep

Get ready for your next contest with this prep and diet plan. It includes 12 to 16 weeks. Weekly check-in and supplement information included.


Personal Texting

Add this option to receive my personal phone number to contact me anytime via text message.


Supplement Plan

Receive a 3-month supplement plan written out.


30-Min Phone Consultation

Ask me all the questions you want and I will answer them with the no bs honest truth.


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