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Bostin Loyd: Screw the NPC; I’m Switching Over To NABBA

The NPC and IFBB and all the supplement companies involved in bodybuilding are really ruining the sport. It’s quite sad when the only thing cared about is making money and one upping someone else, it just gets really corrupt.

I’ve made a decision because I do need to get back onstage eventually to get my credibility back, so I will be switching over to NABBA. I’ve been looking into them and they treat their athletes well and actually put effort into making the competitors happy.

I’ll never compete for a pro card or make a living posing in trunks, but I will ALWAYS love seeing where I can push my body. Being born in the lifestyle, it’s really the only thing I know. Back in the 1980s when my dad competed in the NPC, it was a lot different. The added divisions and selfishness of the promoters is why it took a turn for the worse.

I won’t be attending any more shows even if I have clients in them. It’s just very egotistical with a bunch of groupies holding each other’s cocks for approval and to think I’m wasting money on that is sickening. I like my element, I hate travel, I hate liars, cheaters and phonies, so for me to truly live a happy life, I have to distance myself from it all.

I will still call out all the garbage out there and educate others on what really goes on. Not to mention all the relationships it ruins. It’s just a very dark, dark place that I’ll never indulge in ever again.

For everyone wondering what I’ve been up to, I’ve been in the dungeon at my house all day corresponding with clients and training one-to-two times a day and I’m at my all-time biggest. I won’t be posting any pictures until there is a ‘wow’ factor, but I’m finally settled and extremely motivated to prove alot of people wrong.


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