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Bodybuilding Shutting Out Its Own Media Coverage

On the heels of the Gary Udit $1,500 press pass tariff comes another blight on the bodybuilding industry with the second of Dave Palumbo’s revelations on refused attempts to cover a competition. First, it was the NPC and now it is the IFBB. 

Palumbo reached out to Betty Pariso (co-promoter along with her husband Ed for the four Europa contests) and inquired about receiving press passes for himself and others at RX Muscle. This was the response that he received:

“We now own our media content and we want to drive all traffic to our own social sites. Therefore, at this time we are not granting press passes.” 

A follow-up e-mail from Palumbo asking where this now-exclusive content would be for the fans and athletes to view was not answered. MuscleSport Magazine has also reached out to Betty Pariso in regards to the same.

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Just what does all of this mean? Well, it appears that Udit was far from the only contest promoter to either make up his own rules for media coverage or just another being directed by someone above him. The answer to that remains to be seen.

But at face value, these decisions seem to be alienating an already-small fan base that has few choices as it is to get information and especially realistic opinions on these shows. Bodybuilding is a niche sport and what is happening is that the competition side of it has suffered while the lifestyle personalities who are promoted heavily have flourished. Case in point, compare Rich Piana‘s YouTube numbers to four-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath’s.

Sure, one can argue that one stat is not a tell-all and that may be accurate. But go to any expo where both are at a booth and see whose line is longer.

Exposure is key and by bodybuilding shutting out the legitimate media outlets that have always given it support with coverage is counter productive.

Special thank to Kevin Grech and all of our friends over at Evolution of Bodybuilding for adding to this and seeing it the same way that RX and MSM does!

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