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Kai Greene Is No Muscle Meds Million Dollar Baby

As we first reported on the 8/17/15 episode of The Gregg and Joe Show Presented By MuscleSport Magazine, Kai Greene and Muscle Meds are no longer a team and it came down to dollars and cents…a million dollars, to be exact. A¬†source that requested to remain anonymous ¬†informed MSM managing editor Gregg Valentino that “The Predator” gave the MHP offshoot an ultimatum – a one million dollar annual contract or nothing. And they chose the latter.

There has been much speculation around the industry why one of the top supplement companies would part with the two-time Arnold Classic champion and Olympia runner-up and at a time so close to the IFBB’s marquee event of the calendar year. This gained even more traction when Muscle Meds removed every image of Greene from their website. All of this makes a lot more sense now.

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No one is worth a million dollars to hawk supplements that they most likely do not even use themselves. Think of how many tubs of protein powder a company would have to sell before even breaking even. And for Greene to ask for that amount makes it seem that he had a back-up plan…or should have.

With so many IFBB pros having their own line of supplements, it would come as no surprise to see Greene launch one, too. But he will have to come up with a different name since Predator Nutrition is already taken. Perhaps he can purchase the moniker, which it would be poetic justice if the asking price was a cool mil!


Photo by Andrzej Jaworski, AJ JAWA Photo


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