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Work Out Like a Premier League Pro

By Saul Tevelez – With news that Swansea Football club are using drones, GPS tracking and inflatable hotel rooms for players to have forty winks between training sessions, are there some practices in football that you can incorporate into your fitness regime?
Whatever the Swans are doing appears to be working, with an impressive start against the defending champions and an assured victory against Newcastle, you wouldn’t bet against them beating Sunderland next week.
Integrating a professional footballer’s training routine into your workouts should take your performance to the next level.


To develop the electric burst of pace we associate with Sergio Aguero or Raheem Sterling, first position yourself on a chair or bench. Launch yourself into a sprint towards your distance marker (5-10 yards) or the far wall. Jog back to your starting position and face the chair/bench. Perform a box jump, sit back down until you’ve got some dynamite back in your legs and blast-off again! Keep doing this and you’ll also become the stuff of John Terry’s nightmares!


To gain the toned strength to demolish defenses like Alexis Sanchez, add this musical number to your workouts. Play the song below, when you hear up, you go up and down means you go down, simple. Wayne Rooney could understand this one!

On bicep day you do pull-ups, on chest day do pushups and on triceps day do dips. First watch the members of the Rising Dragon Martial Arts School (below) show you how it’s done with pushups. This is a good addition to the end of a work out, when you feel the need to work a muscle to failure.

James Milner claimed the top spot for the distance covered in a single Premier League game last year, but this isn’t a plodding jog through the park. This is surges of electric pace, coupled with constant movement at a strenuous stride and periods of rest. So rather than traipse around the track on your next cardio outing, add a new dimension, to develop a James Milner level of endurance. Set distance markers every hundred meters on the track or running area. Now try to sprint one, jog one and walk one. After a while you’ll become fearful of arriving at the sprint marker, but keep going, this is where athletes are made! When you reach 8.42 miles you’ve beaten Milner and are permitted to go for half an orange and a cup of tea!


According to the latest football betting odds, David De Gea will more than likely be joining Real Madrid. The reason he’s attracting suiters with deep pockets is his awesome agility in the box. That power of movement to gracefully reach a ball that already appears to have past him into the net requires agility training that could also benefit your workout. Start in plank, rotate into a side plank with an arm raise, roll back to your plank and detonate into a jumping jack. Now, back to your plank and repeat on the other side. Throw in a press up through each rotation to really get the blood pumping. Keep this up and Louis Van Gaal will sign you up and play you out of position!
Follow these workout tweaks and you should soon be Premier League material.

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