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Post Workout Carbs: Are They Really Necessary?

By Andy Bruchey – There has been a long standing belief that consuming carbs post workout is essential for muscle growth. Is it really? Furthermore, what kind of carbs are required, if any, and what kind of workout are we talking about? Aerobic? Anaerobic? Are we training for a huge bicycle  race or a bodybuilding show?

Proponents of the theory, argue that you need to spike your insulin for better protein uptake post workout, otherwise, you’re not truly getting all the protein into your muscles. Studies, however, have shown otherwise. In several major independent studies, it was shown that of the two control groups, those ingesting carbs along with protein, post workout and those ingesting simply protein post workout, had results that were identical.

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The biggest reservation I have on the whole movement to ingest carbs post workout in order to make more use of your protein supplement or meal, is what about those who can’t afford to ingest high glycemic carbs? The dieters, diabetics, pro athletes, etc. Normally, my stance is that if it makes you happy, knock yourself out. If ingesting carbs post workout with your protein feels and/or sounds good to you, by all means, enjoy yourself. Does it help anything? Not really, but unless you’re in any of the aforementioned categories, it’s likely not doing you any harm, either.

Andy Bruchey is a longtime personal trainer in Austin, TX to professional athletes, actors, doctors, etc. He also founded the Austin Fitness Center. You can reach Andy through his website at

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