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The Real Winners & Losers in the Kai Greene/Olympia Fiasco

Whatever went on behind the scenes between Kai Greene and the promoters of the Mr. Olympia contest may be up for debate, but one thing seems to be certain…at least in the short term, that is. Both are immediate losers by The Predator not taking the stage at The Orleans Arena on Saturday evening in more ways than one. But that’s not where it ends, unfortunately.



Greene’s questionable decisions began before this with his alleged request for a $1 million annual salary from his supplement sponsor Muscle Meds. When they balked, he walked but had a back-up plan that was obviously in place long before this. A short time later, Greene announced the upcoming launch of his own supplement line DynamiK.

He apparently had been on course to show up at the Olympia in excellent condition if the few photographs posted online were any indication. At the age of 40 and a three-time runner-up in bodybuilding‘s most prestigious show, his window of opportunity may be closing. So this may have been Greene’s last serious shot at a Sandow.

To be this close after a long contest prep and then not compete has to be a mental blow to the Brooklyn native. And if he has pissed off the obvious people in this, then we may have seen the last of Greene on an IFBB stage. If he is in fact blackballed, then his days of gracing the pages of FLEX and Muscular Development are also in the past.


To not have the second best bodybuilder in the world (and the most popular one, as well) part of the industry’s Super Bowl is a glaring blight on it. If Greene had to skip the show due to an injury, that would have been one thing. But all of this confusing half-information trickling out a mere few days away does not look favorable in the least bit…regardless of whose side you may be on. Even seeing Greene removed from the main promo on FLEX (the same shot was used in their magazine’s Olympia preview feature with Greene to the far right) seems odd.2015-olympia-top-competitors.jpg

First Dana Linn Bailey (the most popular female competitor in the world) dropped out and now the loss of Greene makes what could have been a highly-anticipated weekend almost blase’ in reality.


According to the video Greene posted today, he is also banned from the expo hall and that has cast some interesting questions as to why. By him trying to absolve the IFBB of any blame in his video, one can make the conclusion that AMI/FLEX is the entity coming down hard on Greene. So if they keep him out of the expo, then a major draw will be absent.

4 – IFBB

Basically for the same reasons as the Olympia but this is also another mark against an organization that already has a sketchy public perception. And the silence as to what actually happened here has made it look even worse – even with Greene’s insistence to support the IFBB and other competitors at the Olympia. Heath is not a well-liked champion and for him to continue to be the poster boy does not seem to be a good public relations move.


Greene is by far the people’s champion and this will always be remembered as the Olympia that Greene didn’t compete in rather than the one that either Heath or someone else won.



There is only one and that is Greene, who was never going to win this show no matter what the conditioning was on him and Heath. At this point, he should retire from competing and concentrate on building up his brand. Besides DynamiK, Greene has some other positive aspects currently with his appearance on ESPN’s NFL promos and his massive social media following.

Rich Piana has already proven that a bodybuilder does not need to compete to be a force in this industry, as has Bailey. Those two will once again rule the expo as they did at the Arnold Classic in March.

Greene can become even more of a mass monster without having to diet down once a year and still be a huge fan favorite by putting himself out there like the aforementioned two. And it only seems logical that once he hits his 40s, Greene has already peaked physique-wise.

So at this very moment, it appears that Greene may have played the wrong hand. But when it’s all said and done, he will be just fine without competing.

Photos: AJ JAWA Photo, FLEX Online


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