Muscle Sport Magazine First To Join NPC Global

The main question that everyone in the bodybuilding industry is asking is can the NPC Global organization succeed going up against the IFBB where the PDIs and WBFs of the past have not. But Lee Thompson is making some noise already during Olympia Weekend by announcing that has come on board as the title sponsor for their inaugural competition this coming March in Houston.

That is a huge addition and especially since it would appear that the supplement online superstore has an axe to grind with the IFBB. had been the regular home for the live Olympia webcast up until this year.BBing com NPC Global

Because everything in the bodybuilding industry is treated like a back door deal near the docks at midnight, one has to piece together the trickled out information on the business end of things. So from what had been reported, the promoters of the Olympia (AMI, the parent company of FLEX magazine) had asked for an amount triple the previous one paid to stream the contest. balked and it was not until recently that it was announced that FLEX would stream the event.

With its long history in the industry, brings immediate credibility to NPC Global. The company also has a lot of amateur and professional athletes connected to it and may be able to convince some of them to make the lateral move with them.

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Many of them are with the NPC or IFBB so it will be interesting if they are “asked” to leave to continue competing in those organizations.

Will this new federation become a viable one and an alternative to the NPC and IFBB? It is way too early to even take a wild guess. But they have made a splash start so far and that is interesting to us as part of the bodybuilding media.


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