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Taking the Warrior Challenge From Chris Cormier

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a pro athlete but wasn’t sure what sport it would be in. I played every sport while growing up, including two NCAA sports in college (field hockey and lacrosse), and then competed in three divisions within the NPC. My journey onstage began with women’s bodybuilding, but I’ve also competed in figure and most recently in women’s physique. Unfortunately, I’ve been competing on both coasts for almost a decade without huge success. Therefore, I’m committed to making the necessary changes in order to achieve my goal of winning the overall Women’s Bodybuilding Championship at the USAs in 2016!


Luckily, my Southern California residence is advantageous because it’s close to Gold’s Gym and Muscle Beach in Venice, where I had the opportunity to be introduced to the legendary Chris “Real Deal” Cormier. Cormier subsequently taught me how to pose as a first-time physique competitor in 2014. After gaining so much knowledge from him in just a few posing sessions, I really wanted to train with him. And I have since been fortunate enough to have a few private training sessions with Cormier at “the Mecca,” which is a great environment to keep me motivated! The atmosphere is like no other gym, and Cormier’s intensity and unique training style bring my workouts to a whole new level!

This year’s off-season training was more intense than any preparation I’ve ever done for any sport in my entire athletic career. For the past 12 weeks, I have been participating in the Warrior Challenge, an online coaching program developed by Cormier, because it seemed like an affordable way to get professional help from probably the most experienced bodybuilder in the sport.palmsprings12

Unlike similarly priced online training by less experienced coaches, this program provides a custom meal plan and a full workout based on your goals, as well as one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Cormier via Skype. For those slightly hesitant about online training, be aware that Cormier utilizes the most advanced technologies to teach his various techniques directly to you. He makes sure to correct your form in every workout even though he’s not there! During Skype sessions we also chat about my diet and I update him on my body weight. And he makes changes to my program based on my progress. The accountability and motivation received from this Warrior Challenge are priceless. The changes I made during the program made my gym workouts harder but more effective. My muscles grew more shape and everything looks rounder! I gained size while staying ripped!

Help my journey continue.

I have spent many years training and finally feel I have achieved the necessary look to have a real shot at winning the overall in a national competition and receiving my pro card. Unfortunately, women’s bodybuilding has significantly downsized since I started competing as a lightweight in 2007. It has been eliminated from many of the major competitions that display our sport of building muscle. Therefore, I would like to achieve as much as possible during this time while I still have the opportunity to compete.

For that reason, I’m crowd funding to raise funds to meet the expenses I will incur as I increase my training efforts over the next year so I can continue making significant progress building muscle. By sponsoring my love and passion for this sport, you can help keep awareness of and the future of women’s bodybuilding alive. Visit my campaign at Donations are very much appreciated!

You can learn more about The Warrior Challenge at

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