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Mind vs. Body in Bodybuilding

By Ariona R. Zappaunbulso – When an individual looks at bodybuilding and observe our sport, they see the obvious. The individual on the outside notices our bicep, quadricep, latissimus Dorsi, etc.  However, what if they were to delve into the perception of our minds?

Take a second to realize whether you are bodybuilder of sport, a builder of the body in order to have a longer life or a bodybuilder just starting out that hasn’t decided what direction they’re going to go.IMG_9397

We all have a universal perception. That perception comes from the mind. It is the thoughts that run through our head when we fail to lift up the weight of our choice. It is also the same thoughts in our mind that propel us into progress, leading to accomplishments and ultimately bringing us to the point where we surpass all expectations.

Individuals on the outside sometimes fail to realize that, but what we build is not physical, this body, this persona – the sport was built from the mind. The mind is a powerful thing. It will lift that 400-pound bar off of your chest. It will kick up 700 pounds on the leg press, propel you to speeds of 10 miles an hour on an incline treadmill. However, it will turn on you and leave you feeling failed and disappointed.

The largest misconception is that we build bodies, but like stated previously, if you don’t build the mind, the body will not follow. As a sport or an industry, we are in need of togetherness in order for the outsider to realize the strength we possess intellectually.IMG_7365

It takes a whole lot to fail 100 times, takes dedication to watch yourself not meet your own expectations.However, what is sometimes failed to be shown is the overall mental strength that we begin to create in order to stand back up, to keep pushing forward in order to stand in a spot of success knowing how many times we failed in order to get to that point. Having an outstanding body for an someone to look up to is a powerful thing. What is more powerful? The mind we develop through trial, failure, crushed dream and success in order to make that body. Train insane or remain the same but like my partner and master trainer Frankie Boe says, “Do not forget about your brain.”

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