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Robbie E TNA Impact Wrestling Solo Workout

By Robbie Strauss – After being part of a tag team with Jesse “Mr. PEC-Tacular” Godderz, I’ve once again become a solo wrestler and had to get used to not having any break in the action. I’ve been in this business for 15 years so that experience has helped me a great deal and it’s just been raising my cardio as singles matches are making me have more ‘in ring’ time as I don’t get that break to tag my partner. But it really comes down to pushing myself mentally knowing that I want to be a world champion.

If you haven’t been to a live wrestling event, make sure that you check it out. Especially TNA Impact Wrestling! (And you can also check out the WWE action at William Hill!)

Here’s my new daily workout to make that dream come true:

*Everyone is different and amount of reps depends on each person’s body weight and strength but all exercises can be performed to “failure” which essentially only means as many repetitions that you can perform with PERFECT FORM. Once your form is compromised, it can lead to injury and you should rest immediately. Below I have listed some numbers that can be used as TARGET Numbers or goals for each set.

Push/Pull Upper Body
Pushups to failure
Pullups to failure
Scorpion Pushups – More difficult, 8 reps is a good start
Spider Walks – 10-12 reps
Wall Pushups (upside down) – More difficult 6-10 is good

As strength and stamina increases

*Archer Push Ups
Start in push up position – move one hand further away from your torso, which makes your other arm—and that same side shoulder, pec, and upper back— work harder to handle the load. The further you move your hand, the harder the exercise becomes. You want your “off” arm to assist you only as much as you need. So keep it closer in the beginning, and move it out a little more once strength increases. – 8-10 Repsimage2
*Body Weight Mid Rows/One arm dominant body weight mid row
Lay flat on the ground under neath a Smith Press bar that is Just slightly out of reach. Elevate your upper body with legs together and straightened. Grab the bar with a wide grip and pull your body upwards. Make this more difficult by pulling your upper body to alternating sides. Your weight will be dispersed 80% to the side you are pulling towards.- 8-12 reps.*Pull Ups/One Arm dominant pull ups
Similar to the One Arm dominant mid row, perform a pull up and pull your body weight to alternating sides. Weight should be dispersed about 80% to the side you are pulling towards. – 8 reps

*Weighted Y-Fly Lumbar Extensions
Start bending over on a Reverse situp/crunch machine. Using a slow and controlled motion lift your upper body away from the floor, and as you do so perform a front lateral lift with your arms. – 10 reps

*Pull Up Walk Outs
This can be performed with a pull up bar or a pull up station. Elevate your body by grabbing the pull up grips, starting with your left side, move your hand from the inner pull up grip to the outer pull up grip, then repeat on the right side. Without rocking from side to side, move your left hand from outer grip back to the inner grip and repeat on the right side. – 4 times through

*Renegade Row Walkthrough

Start with two dumbbells on either side of your body. Holding a one armed plank position, perform 5 rows with your left arm, drop the weight and immediately bring your left hand to center, joining your right hand and perform 5 triangle push ups. Leave your left and in the center and hold one arm plank position, performing 5 rows with your right arm. Drop the weight and continue into regular push ups. 3 times through will be very exha usting and effective. 1-3 walk throughs.


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Photos: Lee South (Courtesy of Robbie Strauss)


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