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Lee Priest Leaves MuscleSport Magazine

As heard on the 11/2/15 episode of The Gregg and Joe Show Presented By MuscleSport Magazine, Lee Priest is no longer with our company. The IFBB and NABBA pro that spearheaded our entire movement by coming on board and gracing the cover of our Winter 2015 issue decided to leave because our line-up also includes Bostin Loyd. But this is a microcosm of our entire mantra – no one tells us what to do or who to do it with…not even Priest.

In one of our Instagram posts on 10/31/15 about Loyd being on the cover of our upcoming Fall issue, Priest commented:Bostin Priest IG post

“Jesus, magazine just went down in my books; sorry. Would rather not write for it. Young kids following his crap taking large amounts. He is what’s wrong with the sport and you give his [sic] space. Fuck me; I’m done.”

We responded to Priest with:

“Sorry to hear that, Lee. But a big part of what we do is give guys a platform that the industry is afraid to,” to which Priest followed with, “A platform? What’s he’s done Priest IG comment 2[sic]. Why not give every young kid abusing steroids a platform? Afraid to? No, the rest of the mags aren’t that dumb. he got his platform Facebook and YouTube. That’s bad enough.”

We repled: “Wish that you didn’t feel that way, Lee, because this is a great line-up we have with you.” Priest IG comment 1

Lee: “Well, take me off that line-up. You can be (a) great mag telling the truth, etc., but putting anybody in to talk shit, really? Who [sic] next month John Smith from upper state. Why not he done nothing uses stupid amounts of gear done nothing [sic]. What’s the difference with him and Loyd. Give Bostin my spot in mag for his fans.”

Priest did not give us a ‘him or me’ ultimatum and we did not take it as such. But regardless, our decisions will never be swayed by someone. We see the value in Loyd, just as we did Priest, and we have nothing but respect and gratitude for what the latter did for us while he was part of MSM. But he has his reasons and we have ours.

The truth is that we would be better with both of those men, but Priest made his decision and we’ll move on without him. No one is irreplaceable.

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